Monday, 1 June 2015

Seventh Boxing Gallery.Bare-knuckle

Whisking you into fantasy again, Holly beckons her opponent in to close contact boxing bare-knuckle. Lots of inside work and good defence needed to promote the offensive knockout.

Sahara, looking slick and so sexy in that photo could work well in the bare-knuckle scenario, she would use her hair-pulling expertise to rattle her opponents and render them vulnerable to her striking fists.

Danni ( left ) and Layla had a fascinating slapping bout so I'm not going to change the result with the bareknuckle promise of these two beauties: Danni should come out on top.

In her negligee Faith would look sexy against her rival but she'd soften them up with a lot of rough stuff and a hard take-down, taking a mount sexily and finishing the poor defenceless gal off with her fists taking off her negligee in the process. Hot work for cool Faith.

Natalie would keep her opponent away from her with her long left jab, tire the lady out and the KO would happen inside three rounds.

I doubt if Danni would be much troubled in a fist fight unless her opponent was hard-core and what a fight that would be.

Just a little over 5' tall and around 100 lbs both Sahara and Kitkat would go the distance but Kitkat ( left ) would be pretty messed up after Sahara finished with her.

Lovely Lily looks fragile and vulnerable, in fact she doesn't look like she could fight her way out of a wet paper bag but against an opponent of her own size I think she would go down fighting.

Any opponent getting in against Lacey should not be a slow thinker or else she would be popped so often in the face in the first round she'd be lucky to come out for the second round. A swift tattoo for a TKO by Lacey, in my mind.

A superb example of a bare-knuckle staredown. Carmen ( right ) would slug away for three rounds against Natalie with several knockdowns for both, though they would suffer bloody injuries: Natalie's arm would be raised at the end.

Sofia, always with the lovely smile, would need to get serious to defend herself in a bare-knuckle fight, but the pose is definitely appreciated and isn't she gorgeous.

I can't, even fantasizing, imagine Carmen could get the better of Faith in a fist fight but she should, given her impressive physique and yet rough-house Faith would get a knockout eventually.

Lacey would bloody Faith's face and bruise her body in the first round but the KO would have to happen in a big way shortly after, once Faith's meaty fist made contact with Lacey's petite jaw. 

I wouldn't want to see the superb ladies of BFuk in bare-knuckle brawls for real, but I'd buy a photo-shoot of two of our gals in a pretend topless fist-fight with a winner including touches of drama, make-up and dishevelment; given some of the pics BFuk has produced, I'd have thought them well capable. 

I'm smiling to myself, they'd need a guarantee of many more buyers for that product so I'll just stick to the rules cat-fight.

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