Sunday, 7 June 2015

Focus on the Ladies. Welsh Kellie

I don't know the girls of BFuk at all other than from glimpses of their character on the forum and ' girl next door ' Kellie from Wales is a sweetheart. My impression of her is that she is outgoing without being pushy, is rather practical and keeps her head in the right place.

The early photo of her ( above ) shows how cute and sexy she is and though she's had long absences, she keeps returning ( encouraged by the forum to do so frequently ) and each time she does return, I get a lift because she's developed into a lovely woman who she hasn't lost her girliness, or her willinghess to cat-fight or to dress up to glamourize the fight.

Kellie is all-over cute though she really sprang to front page headlines when she lined up against her foe Becca in a burgeoning rivalry hotly encouraged by the old forum and BFuk when they were matched to cat-fight.

Kellie and Becca wore swimsuit style lingerie posing for pics outdoors in the field on a sunny day.

Nothing really unusual in that but what might have caused disruption to passing traffic was when they began to wrestle and slap each other for a few rounds to a draw. From sexy to erotic was that short journey and the rivalry began to build.

I enjoyed that time on the forum as the rivalry peaked when the rematch was a trophy fight indoors. The girls wore outfits and Kellie's dress failed miserably, to my delight, in keeping her lovely breasts out of the limelight.

Kellie's fans heard her squeal out to Becca that day ' I give. '

Kellie did disappear for long spells but when she returned, relief all round and her pics sometimes took on a saucy look: naughty Kellie, maturing all round and very sexily.

She fought some of the best in her time-span at BFuk, her first big fight against Daisy, a champion. I totally harboured thoughts of a mismatch and it was to a degree but Kellie fought against the tide until the finish.

When Kelly suffered hard slaps she let you know she was being hurt. What it does show is, that Kellie is cutely girly with a stout heart. In spite of her endearing little squeals I never saw Kelly backing down or failing to give stout resistance in any of her fights.

                                                             Newbie Sasha and Kelly strip to topless in the third and final round.

                                                                 Definitely a sexy clash when Kelly controlled Sasha competently.

When I first saw this cute, shy girl I never thought I would one day watch her slicking herself down with oil to get into a slithery, near naked, slapping tussle with Carmen outdoors in a an oil fight.

The eroticism stemmed from two sexy women covered in oil giving it the BFuk hair-pulling, slapping and grappling effect. Sorry Kellie, I slid off topic, this is about you and not my pervy thoughts.

Lately, Kellie took on a couple of fights against the current BFuk pin-up Layla and her now, quite extensive fighting experience firmly keeps Layla in her place, in both.

As you can see from the photo Kellie fights Layla topless. I'm hoping and quivering the rest of her fights at BFuk will be topless. This pic wins a top ten award from me, it's a cracker.

This is not just a sexy photo of 'girl next door' Kellie, link it with her willingness to get into a cat-fight for your entertainment, and you've got the whole picture.

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