Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Emma v Faith - Pub Fight Stories. Final Round.

Faith has it all to do, she's lost both previous rounds to Emma who, as yet, shows no signs of breaking down through tiredness.

Faith tries to look confident but right now my money is on Emma. She has given her all as they face up to each other. Yet to prove her stamina but can she? Both faces bloodied, the scratches and the slap marks obvious.

 Looks like both are truly angry when they clash as they punch and scratch each other viciously, close in they uppercut to the jaw and hook to the ribs. Blood leaks again from Emma's mouth and Faith, her face is again a mask of blood.

The blood flows freely as Faith targets Emma's substantial breasts which wobble at the contact, when Emma lands a honey of a right uppercut and Faith's head is jerked backwards.

The stand up goes on, Emma now targets Faith's breasts but she's not prepared for an elbow that crashes into her face and a knee to the gut: she's hurt and shows it.

Faith realizes Emma is hurt and cashes in, grabbing Emma by the neck.

Faith has control, wrenching her neck-hold into a hard throw, she spins Emma to the floor.

Dropping onto Emma, holding her to the floor by what little hair she has left, ( bad angle for that pic: sorry ) now I'm convinced Faith has gained control. 

The crowd think it's over, Faith is holding Emma for what seems ages. Her fists body-strike the subdued Emma occasionally to maintain a momentum. Nothing from Emma.

Faith on top, finally! Now for the submission .... hold it, Emma is rallying after her rest, her hard slaps to Faith's breasts echo in the now silent barn but I think she is all but finished.

The crowd foolishly sense a revival and roar their approval.

The crowd is not foolish, it is a rally, Emma pulls Faith's head downwards by the hair, was that a head butt? Faith rolls off Emma clutching her face as Emma gets to her feet.

Bravely, Faith rises covering her face, Emma does not hesitate, attacking the wounded Faith pulling her hair, punching and kneeing her weakest area, the stomach.

Lost, Faith doesn't know where she is, an uppercut lands on Faith's chin and she hits the deck hard.

No need for Emma to seek the submission, the referee taps the count of ten and Faith has been knocked out.

Wow! A KO for Emma, a win against Faith, now that is tremendous.

Emma pulled this off, though I didn't believe she would, yet all three rounds were hers.

Faith?: I talked to her, she's upset, wants a rematch, says she didn't feel great on the day but went ahead and underestimated Emma: big-time. 

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Emma versus Faith - Pub Fight Stories - Round 2

Emma claims the first round at which I'm surprised but when I see them in their corners Emma looks just as bad, if not worse than Faith.

That's the worst about a ground fight you never often see what goes on. Emma has what looks like a blackening eye but she hasn't walked away from the fight like she promised....yet, maybe it was accidental. Faith has gone to town with her nails but the gut punches that definitely worried Faith gives Emma the lead.

Faith's face is full of revenge, Emma is wary but they settle for hair, wicked tugging and pulling, looking for a take-down. Why Emma doesn't howl I'll never know, her short hair is coming out by the roots,scattered on the mat.

Emma has a good strong stance while Faith concentrates on tugging chunks of Emma's hair and the inevitable from, in my opinion, the wrong source, Emma, not Faith, makes the big move. She hauls Faith off her feet to the mat clambering on her to obtain a straddle. She slaps flesh and tugs Faith's hair as Faith goes to work ripping hair and skin with her nails from underneath. I don't think Faith's heart is in this fight.

No doubt Emma is strong enough ( I'm downhill thinking now ) but it's always been her stamina that worries me, so, ( uphill thought )  I think Faith will still be triumphant.

In a panic Faith gets clear of most of Emma's weight and lands two hard bitter slaps to Emma's face. Wow! Is Emma going to complain? No she doesn't she lands a hard slap to Faith's already bloody face. They stand and exchange face slaps. This is unheard of for Emma, she stands her ground determined to pulverise Faith's face by slapping and she's winning this duel.

Faith breaks off from face-slapping and goes for Emma's legs but Emma resists and punches Faith high in the stomach. The wind escapes from Faith again, she goes to the floor and Emma is again on top.

Wow. Emma is showing Faith how to fight.

Oh oh. Faith is fighting dirty while trying  to get oxygen to her lungs, one hand gripping Emma's sore-looking breast and the far away hand tucked under Emma's panties. 

Somehow Emma is hurt, she leaps off Faith, hand on her crotch and indignation on her face, she punches a rising Faith in the chest wildly and her other hand grips Faith's crotch. Faith knees her in the stomach and plants her elbow hard into Emma's face. 

Emma is down. Faith dives on her and finally gets the edge pinning and punching her breast to the floor then kneeing her in the back and ribs.

This fight has escalated.

Thwarted by the bell Faith reluctantly allows Emma to get up.

Faith perked up towards the end of the round but Emma is still well ahead. Perhaps the stamina 'thing' has yet to happen and Emma is the better woman so far but surely the turnaround has happened and Faith will go to town in the last round.


Thursday, 23 November 2017

I do fantasize: Emma versus Faith - Pub Fight Stories - Round 1

I do fantasize but my toes begin to curl thinking ' What if Emma and Faith had been around at the same time at BFUK? I'm fairly sure BFUK would have seen the sense of matching them given the right circumstances.

I reckon the flippant manner of Faith would have pierced the serious-minded Emma, just like Cassie did when she and Emma had a very popular controversial fight.

The only way I can pull this off is a fight in the barn behind the Silk Stalking pub where it is known women stalk each other to just plain fight or to settle a grudge.

Strange for Emma to take this one on because the Silk Stalking rules are non-existent when it comes to two women squaring up, in fact the only rule they do have is ' Do unto others--------------' and when Faith is in the arena Emma has to respond to whatever comes her way which means she might not be able to cope but I'm hoping otherwise.

Five, five minute rounds to determine a winner is the norm for the Silk Stalking.

Hoorah! The day is here. I can't believe they've actually agreed to fight and as they walk into the barn to face the management and sponsors they have both lost weight though Faith is heavier by a few pounds.

                                                              Emma                                   Faith

The heat of the summer's day subsiding, the girls take questions from the mostly male audience before disrobing to fight.

Emma: " If there's anything to the face I'm walking out but I know how to fight her and the way she's trash-talked me I'll enjoy slapping her down, again, again and again."

Faith: " She doesn't worry me, it'll be over in two rounds, she'll wish she stayed home".

I snuck into the dressing room ( because I'm allowed ) and get a shot of the girls, they are ok for a pic.

Faith is ready and fisting the air while Emma is calmly undressing. I ask them, how about, for atmosphere, a pic of fists up in just panties, in the barn. They agree.....I'm astounded.

I'm excited but unless something goes way off track this won't be... no fistfight.

The girls return to the dressing room to change into their fight gear ( or what I feel they might look good in ).

Is it just me or am I sensing that there is no real animosity between these two, though Faith is working the drama to intimidate. But is it working? 

Straw banked at the sides of the one-piece mat, the audience is ready as the girls enter the arena to loud applause.

As they are introduced they circle and size each other up in the barn, just a touch of make-up as Faith aggressively bunches her fists to make her intentions obvious, before the bandages are applied.. Had to capture that little piece of aggressive intimidation.

Though Emma is unimpressed, Faith is now flexing alongside the insults, giving it the works.

A serious Emma tosses her head and tells Faith to quit posing and fight. The referee is ready and tells the girls to fight only on the mat as the crowd closes in.

Squarely on the mat and ready to go, staring into the eyes waiting for the command, the silence punctuated by cries of ' C'mon Emma you've got this.' and ' Get her Faith, she's easy.'


They lock-up, testing strength, the resolve, yet to be tested. The breasts clash, they are so close, the stomach and hips bounce together as they frantically grip hair and necks to gain traction.

Stalemate! Both girls are fresh and neither finds a breakthrough so they bend over with tight hair holds, pulling and tugging as they swivel, wheel and walk, searching for weaknesses. The first hard slap crashes onto Emma's back but a severe hair tug makes Faith stagger as she utters a comment I don't catch other than the finishing word ' bitch.'

Those that thought Faith had an easy match must be feeling a sense of unease.

Emma who seems in charge, gut punches Faith hard three times while tugging her long hair and Faith is definitely rattled and I think winded. Emma takes the advantage, pulling Faith forward by the hair tripping her at the same time. Faith is down and Emma goes for a mount.

Her followers are yelling and shouting encouragement as she crushes Faith's breasts under her knees while Faith resists a submissive position.

Faith uses good ground tactics to prevent Emma securing a solid mount, she twists and turns pulling Emma on to her side. Facing each other, side on, the slaps to the arms and chest echo loudly in the barn. Already the flesh is being marked by slaps and scratches leaking blood.

On their knees they tug hair and slap, Emma uses her right hand to pull Faith's head to the side and punches Faith hard in the belly. Faith locks up tight, I think she's been winded again but the bell rings for the end of the round.


Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Tag Team Pairings at BitchfightUK. Yep, I'm dreaming again.

                                                             MINI-WEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

Has to be the petite Lacey and her likewise petite pal Kitkat. What a thought: in fact, an absolute dream. This could have been an amazing fight team gathering quite a big following at BFUK.

                                                                  Lacey                               Kitkat


Definitely Sahara but I'd have to find her partner from the past and I'm going with a one-of cutie at BFUK ( probably because she turned out nude ) in the the delicious shape of Zoe. If I asked Sahara who she'd want for a tag team partner she'd probably say ' I'll fight them on my own ' but I'd love to see Zoe in the ring against Kitkat and Lacey, more especially Kitkat - cutely awesome fight, I think.

                                                             Zoe                                       Sahara

                                                              Middle-weight Championship

 I feel on safer ground here though you might not agree, my pairings would be the fantastic Ceecee and Chelsea against Electra and Ruby. Utter shock and awe.

                                                  Chelsea                                            Ceecee


                                                     Electra                                              Ruby

I know, Electra in the ring against Chelsea: let alone Ruby against Ceecee

 A fight that would shatter the glass.

                                                                  Light Middle-weight Championship

And how about throwing into the mix Natalie alongside Carmen perhaps against Faith and Emma. That would work.

                                                                 Natalie                        Carmen

And they want to box them before the catfight? Why not?


                                                          Emma                                     Faith

I don't think Faith is sold on the idea of teaming up with Emma. She's walking out of shot looking sulky. I wonder why? Maybe because I'm putting out a fantasy cat-fight involving these two. They weighed less when they first fought at BFUK so light-middle is not too far out.


Saturday, 16 September 2017

Pub Fight Stories - Natalie v Faith Part 4/Finale

Natalie shifts quickly to capture Faith's head between her thighs and there's no resistance. Faith looks done as Natalie finds a free hand to smack her in the kisser several times but Faith, while close to choking is again working the punches into Natalie's naked groin, Faith wants to hang and bang dirty.

The buzz in the audience increases again.

Another hard punch from Faith into that sweet groin and her head is released,

Natalie's hand protects her groin as Faith literally falls on top of her. Natalie stays on her back, she looks pretty exhausted though Faith is hardly moving, she looks all in. I can hardly believe Faith will get a submission in her state?

Natalie answers as she grips Faith's hair and rolls her onto her back, repeatedly asking for a submission but Faith is unresponsive. Slowly, clutching her crotch Natalie gets to her feet and raises her other hand ' I've won ' she croaks.

Faith's leg twitches and kicks Natalie on the ankle. She has not submitted. Faith gets to her knees  and holds up her hands, she wants to speak.

" I'll put my purse against yours for this fight, winner take all " she gasps.

Stunned, Natalie nods her head, her bruised fists bunch again, she's on auto-pilot as she circles the woman on her knees, looking for an opening. Their nude bodies, sweaty and bloody, the wild hair look showing the odd bald patch.

The crowd curiously silent. Like me they are thinking, how dumb is that? She's losing.

Literally collapsing on Faith, Natalie straddles her again and the hair-pulling and slaps start again. Faith's hand grips Natalie's already wounded breast and squeezes. Natalie closes down the distance between their bodies but Faith insists on pulling the nipple and squeezing as hard as she can.

In exasperation Natalie's final energy is spent slapping Faith's head, breasts and stomach until Faith's hand slides limply off her sweaty, scratched and bruised breast.

Faith looks done as Natalie gets to her feet with  something like a flourish and walks, unsteadily and slowly to the dressing room.

Faith unbelievably twists and grasps Natalie's ankle as she walks off the floor. The look on Natalie's face is exasperation as she again straddles Faith's nude body and Faith weakly resists.

I can't believe Faith has been able to keep something in reserve, pretending to be finished? Surely not!

But pure anger and frustration floods Faith face, she throws punches and slaps overpowering Natalie off her body, Natalie must be in shock realising it's not over. She tries to scissor but Faith gets to her feet and Natalie has to follow. The punching begins again, Natalie looks done in and can't match Faith's unexplained resurgence.

Faith gets Natalie in a headlock, hanging on to her hair, slapping upwards into her face. Amazingly she finds a throw and mounts Natalie quickly, her gorgeous legs stationary as Faith, weeping from her effort, slaps Natalie's face until a submission is clearly heard. Faith is not convinced and has to be hauled off her adversary, still slapping.

Both ladies have to be assisted off the dance floor.

What a dance that was.

I heard they were both taken to the local hospital for a health check which they passed with flying colours though extensive bandaging was required for  cracked ribs and treatment for a broken nose.

In actuality Faith lost her fight to Natalie in their great showdown cat-fight but I pin my hopes that they would rematch and in my mind Faith would have prevailed from changed circumstances and knowing Natalie's strengths.

I'm always gonna bitch on that fight. Ain't gonna move on.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Pub Fight Stories - Natalie v Faith Part 3....NUDE!

Again Natalie's long legs snake around Faith's waist, her knees seeking the ribs but before she can extend her legs Faith leaps to her feet hauling Natalie's panties off at the same time. What? 

She whirls them in the air and throws them into the crowd, beckoning Natalie up to fist-fight.

A now completely nude, angry and embarrassed Natalie calls for a break seven minutes into the fight. The brutal belly punches have taken their toll. 

Her panties are missing and the ref cannot excuse her from the arena. The panties actually whizzed past my ear: my reflexes are rubbish.

Natalie is furious, she stomps off to her corner while a brazen Faith pulls off her panties and tosses them into the crowd; she stands naked, bloodied and bruised and unashamed. A true fighter. 

She starts to pose, what a tease she is and the crowd loves it, they are hoarsely trying to shout though they sound like wheezing donkeys. I think they are enjoying this fight.

' Fight! '

Because of her bad behaviour, Faith is unsure of Natalie's response, she stays put as Natalie angrily crashes into her, a hard knee flattens Faith's right breast. As she tries to protect herself, Natalie easily wrestles her to the floor.

Faith covers her face from the wicked slaps and Natalie switches to punching the ribs. Faith's breasts sway from side to side after some sharp slaps while her hair is pulled and yanked mercilessly. Now Natalie is making a huge, furious statement: is there a way back for a cowering, wickedly mischievous Faith.

Good hair twisting as Faith wrestles Natalie to their knees to exchange hard blows and hair tugging. Just when I thought she was done Faith is back in the fight, a softish knee ( almost a sexual overture ) into Natalie's crotch while kneeling. Natalie cannot be impressed.

A further knee this time hard into Natalie's crotch and Natalie is impressed, she topples, her legs automatically seeking Faith's ribs. 

The hair is getting a lot of attention and Natalie is getting the worst of it.


Faith struggles but again she's caught in the scissors trap ( will she ever learn ) her ribs slowly squashed, stretching her hair to tearing from the scalp; gasping for breath, the helpless yelps from Faith suggests she cannot spring from the deadly trap.

But the leg scissors, I think, leaves Natalie's crotch vulnerable. A huge effort from Faith with her hands working hard between their bodies rolls her and Natalie until they face each other. Faith calls for her final break. 

Natalie points to her crotch but after close inspection the referee again shakes his head: ' No obvious injury ' he cites. An exasperated Natalie returns to her corner.

Eleven minutes now and there's still no sign of a submission though it seems the last minute was close for Faith.

Chests are heaving as they take on water and clean the blood from their faces, their lovely bodies are truly ruined but the injuries seem to no longer count: it's just about winning.


Hands into thinning hair for purchase, a left uppercut from Faith finds Natalie's face without a reaction, I think the girls are immune from the pain and I'm sure Natalie's nose is already broken.

A left hook finds Faith's ribs at the same time as a heavy kick from Faith smacks into Natalie's thigh. 

This is new, introducing kick-boxing while gripping the hair is a first for BFUK but this could prove risky for Faith.

Natalie tames Faith by hair control while Faith barely stays in the game maintaining her grip on Natalie's hair. The back slaps bang in from Natalie on an already severely bruised skin and she's raking skin with her nails. Faith takes to yelping again so she is not yet immune from the pain of punishment from long nails. Faith struggles upright and leans against Natalie.

A beautiful surprise throw goes to Faith totally catching Natalie unawares. She goes down, a whoop from Faith who gratefully mounts the helpless Natalie.

Her euphoria evaporates as Natalie gets the early scissors before she can capitalize, gripping Faith's hair severely to maintain the wicked rib crunching. Faith needs to get out of that hold, this is Natalie's winning tactic to which she consistently falls victim. 

She can't survive another scissors from Natalie, they are tired but Faith more-so, after 14 minutes of fighting she looks to have breathing difficulties while Natalie just gets angrier.