Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Prominent Fights. Part Two

Ruby versus Chelseab had the added attractions of being outdoors in a field in a roped off battleground, fighting each other as the captains of two teams in conflict. After some superb throws by Chelseab the girls got to the ground where Chelseab used her considerable strength and technique.

There was certainly a strong element of domination by Chelsea though shared anguish was noted often. Rumours that Chelseab had Judo training seemed likely given her efforts to keep Ruby in check. 

Ruby is a strong, tough, fighting woman, but Chelsea's ability to take Ruby down and repress her in the ground battle was incredible and to continue to suppress and stifle Ruby in that manner over three rounds was remarkable.

The tensions on the forum were at a high before and after because of the ' grey areas ' of the rules where infractions undoubtedly did occur, when Ruby's body was literally airborne in a couple of the take-down throws but the decision to award Ruby the fight fell into that difficult ' did not submit so she can't lose ' situation, which I felt was unsatisfactory and so did others on the forum.

The decision was reversed and Chelsea became the new champion. In hindsight, I guess a rematch within the rules would have been the better decision though I doubt the result would have been different. 

Probably the ultimate fight at BFuk then would have been Chelseab versus Electra but hinted that there was a friendship between them put that magnificent thought to rest.

All three rounds to ChelseaB.


We now get to the most petite fighter of the ladies at BFuk, Sahara against another of the smaller women around at the time, newbie Justice but she was quite a bit heavier than Sahara. This exhausting bitter struggle went on for such a long time, I can only believe these stubborn girls wanted to continue the fight to try for a winner.

I think this fight merits prominence in the annals of BFuk not because it had explosive or controversial content, it was simply a dour, long struggle, most of it stand-up and strength, of hair pulling for advantage with hard slapping. 

Sahara started in a big way but the more she showed her moves the more a stubborn Justice adjusted, so Sahara was forced into a long hard struggle.

My impression is that these two ladies wanted to carry on fighting and BFuk merely complied with their wishes and kept the camera rolling.

Maybe wishful thinking on my part but I venture to describe the fight as developing into a bitter struggle between two women who stoutly believed one was better than the other and both were determined to fight on until one submitted.

Score: First round narrowly to Sahara, the other two even.

It's not often that two women finish their BFuk cat-fight with the sweat seen to be showing but Sahara and Justice did just that. Both girls looked exhausted, hair in disarray and slapped raw. 

A fascinating fight with Justice learning as the fight progressed and Sahara, with her extra experience having to cope with a newbie who was fit enough to match Sahara's steely determination to the end, earning herself a draw against an esteemed BFuk fighter.


The rematch between Carmen and Faith is a fight to which I would give prominence because it was a huge seller according to BFuk. 

Carmen would not forgive me if I said it was a beat-down but this fight was their rematch and the fight took a different tack from their first fight which Faith won but it was apparent there was a growing dislike between the two and by the time the rematch took place these two had a grudge to settle.

As you can see the clothing the ladies wore was not haute couture but the shirts were fairly easily removed as the fight wore on, which, if they are willing to fight topless, is as it should be and the stockings certainly were a bonus; two sexy looking women having a grudge fight is definitely a turn-on in my book.

 Carmen dug into Faith's hair and rarely let go leaving Faith to make the moves which were significantly effective throughout the fight and Carmen received a beating which she took stoically.

Faith looked on top of her game, took the pain of Carmen gripping and pulling her hair, to punish Carmen severely for maintaining her hair-pulling strategy.

Score : All three rounds to Faith.

The fight ended with Carmen still able to have harsh words with Faith who was dismissive, sexily walking about flexing her (perhaps injured) arm as Carmen stomped off-screen.

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