Saturday, 6 June 2015

Eighth Boxing Gallery. Bare-knuckle 2

How powerful is this pic! Emma catapults me into fantasy land for a pretend bare-knuckle fight scenario with another BFuk gal. I now have to find a comparable representation to fight her.

And I think I have. I go with a favourite of mine, Faith who is a good match-up for Emma, other than appearing at a different time at BFUK. It's marvellous to be able to think the ladies into a fight situation which they would never willingly take part, but I reckon Faith against Emma would have been a fantastic cat-fight, for real.

Faith ( right ) and Drucilla get their cat-fight started with a pugilistic pose and it sure gets me in the mood. I think a rematch might have seen an improved performance by Dru though Faith would probably still be victorious. Dru has apparently returned ( or so we think ), all we need is Faith to return and challenge Dru to show us what Dru perhaps learned from her defeat.

Goodness me! Could you really write off Sahara in a fantasy fist fight with Carmen. I couldn't, but what an exciting photo, I can't see beyond slicked up female bodies posing the punch. Love the lipstick, incongruous but completes the package for me.

Slippery Carmen willingly shows her opponent she is a force to be reckoned with, combining her gorgeous physique with her aggressive attitude.

A rematch pose by Layla ( right ) and Danni in their second cat-fight when Layla put herself right into the fight but dangerous Danni still out-slapped her.

Natalie poses with her fists up and her attitude going into any fight matches up to that pose because she always gave 100 per cent win or lose in her cat-fights.

Justice, IMO has a really good boxing action as she displayed when she boxed Drucilla, so the pose is not out of place; this little lady did not stay around long enough at BFuk , but while she did I had nothing but admiration for this attractive young woman's efforts.

One win, one loss comprised Holly's brief spell at BFuk but she was able to project herself fully and I think she would have increased her fan-base considerably, had she stayed around.

Selene joins in with the fists up pose to add to her portfolio ( or not ), another attractive young woman who didn't mind a topless appearance and she showed some stoicism in both her cat-fights.

Drucilla might well be around to provide more poses, hopefully, and though she has not been a topless candidate she has little control over her boobies as they seem determined, off their own back, to make an appearance. I look forward to her ( and her boobies ) appearance in the fight arena.

This lady does excite me, she fights bare-breasted in her cat-fights and is prepared to raise her fists in a pose. She lost her earlier two fights but has since taken on and out-slapped Layla in a cat-fight; she's got grit and I'm hoping to see a lot more of this supposedly ' mature fighter ' ( not on my watch ).

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