Sunday, 28 June 2015

Focus on the Ladies. Emma

Isn't she just magnificent: the only thing average about Emma was her height. A very pretty face and a full-figure had the fans, including me, flocking to her when she burst into the reckoning at BFuk. As to fights, read on, bearing in mind my thoughts may not co-incide with yours.

Bfuk had the girls wearing swish outfits on occasion and Emma modelled this one with panache, her opponent wore the equivalent in red but as far as the fight went, red submitted to black.

Emma was herself able to bring fairly ordinary dress to life, even where it was destroyed during the fight.

She treated the younger newbies in motherly fashion especially when they were not up to her fight standard and her punishment was the odd spank to the derriere.

Getting serious, Emma threatened her opponents, it has to be said, from the off, by sheer aggression, possibly to determine how they would react to her. 

Her opponent knew right away she meant business but in this case Candy gave as good as she got and the fight was amazing. 

They boxed: Well, slugged each other from an almost stationery position and the catfight went Emma's way, but the' mother ' in Emma had been subdued in that fight. BFuk got the match-up spot on.

Dawn had proved herself a useful fighter when she fought Emma, dressed as cheerleaders but the synchronisation ended with the cheerleaders dress while Emma took Dawn to task in a a gritty fight, discarding clothing en-route.

This pic is so steamily energising that I had to nickname Emma, Slugger, when I first saw it. The nickname didn't take but I sure took to Emma.

The Emma, Cassie affair was an explosion on the forum. The, as yet, untested Cassie had the audacity to attack the established fighter Emma's character on the forum. Moreover, it was personal and Emma responded stiffly, the insults seemed real and wilful. Come on! Isn't this the dream. To inflame our brains even further, BFuk called it ' The Prizefight.'

In especially tough fights Emma found it necessary to take a rest in the middle of the fight ( she is disengaged in the above photo ) and her opponents, including Cassie, found it difficult to take huge advantage so allowing Emma to recharge and continue the battle. 

I hadn't figured Emma to lose against Cassie but she nearly did and calling a foul near the end was upheld by the official, Simone, who declared a draw.

Starting out in Santa costumes Emma disposed of another of the regular BFuk fighters, Kelly, in a sexy cat-fight.

A very telling fight for Emma and Natalie on the cat-fight ladder at BFuk, in terms of winning and losing when they dressed up for a strip-down fight. They engaged in a truly absorbing, tough battle which Emma lost but Natalie was a very sore, marked-up winner. 

These girls suffer in the fights they undertake. Emma, I reckon, had one of the hardest slaps at BFuk and she didn't mind where she slapped, posting on the old forum that she didn't mind her tits being slapped but she wouldn't accept slaps to the face and the rules were without doubt, with her.

Emma had a good number of fights and fans at BFuk, her presence in the fight arena, huge, and who cares about wins and losses when she is such gorgeous, sexy looker, but the fact that she put herself into the fights was awesome and BFuk and her fans were the losers when she went off the radar. I drink a toast to Emma because I am still an admirer of that pretty, fighting lady.

In closing this has to be one of my favourite photographs of Emma and I'm sure if you're a fan of hers, you'll agree.

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