Monday, 29 June 2015

Focus on the Ladies - Fab Faith.

Faith arrived at BFuk and surprised me totally with her candour and her willingness to post on the old forum. She lost her first catfight at the Catfight Britain site, to Panther, not without resistance, but pretty badly just the same and from the pic taken at that fight her face looked marked but she took the defeat good-naturedly. 

A very sexy, attractive woman who dressed for the fight to attract the eyes of her fans. I rather liked her style but after her defeat I honestly thought that would be her last appearance, which was a distinct possibility.

I am so glad I was wrong. She returned to provide us with many fights and photos including some of her own risque portfolio pics so she had, up front, set out her stall. Admitting on the forum she is an attention whore has got to be the mark of a woman well prepared to cat-fight, using her sexual attraction to get you on her side in the fight.

Faith took on the attractive Danni in sexy dress where Danni fought hard but Faith gives the victory salute in the end.

Faith had a habit of antagonising her opponents into fighting even harder, using the spoken word. She claimed she did this on purpose so as to hike up the tension and her game. 

Though she denied she was the nasty girl, she had me hooked, thinking she was definitely that nasty girl who got a kick out of baiting her opponents that many fans like to see in cat-fights, not only that, but her insults upped her opponents game also.

A stationary Faith doesn't look too sure as Lacey begins the fight in her usual fashion, going at full speed. Her fight against Lacey was a classic because she challenged Lacey to get in the fight arena with her and these two wound each other up big-time in the fight: as to the fight itself Faith had to pull out all the stops to get the victory and because of their histories at BFuk the battle was fascinating both physically and verbally.

Faith posted she wanted to fight Lacey to find out what it would take to get a win over a smaller opponent who was cresting a wave, and Lacey obliged. Posting post-fight Faith told us that she had been surprised hugely by the ability of the much smaller Lacey.

Lacey matched her with the trash talk, a fabulous, gutsy piece of entertaining cat-fight which left Faith exhausted, perhaps wondering why she challenged Lacey to fight in the first place.

Bringing her sexuality into the fight arena was highlighted in the cat-fight while straddling Carmen, sensing victory, to tear off her own shirt in the process of maintaining the straddle was a flourish, flagrantly sexual, which she introduced all by herself ( a deep moment of eroticism which I do cherish ).

Without doubt her biggest occasion at BFuk was her, what I would call a championship fight, against the one and only Natalie. I gave the fight to Faith in thought but Natalie won for real. To be fair to Faith, she'd just disposed of Carmen while Natalie waited her turn.

Two absolutely different top-notch fights. Faith and Natalie posted what would be their last parting shots on the old forum and disappeared but I reckon they suffered pretty badly in their fight because the win was the ultimate aim and both had given their all.

Faith didn't have that many fights at BFuk and the reason for that, I think, was she had so far to travel to get to the location of BFuk. 

She inspired me in her cat-fights by providing the latitude to create and develop my thoughts on photoshop.

Faith gained weight during her time at BFuk gaining possibly around twenty to thirty pounds, staying sexy in the process but she did post on the old forum she liked chocolate: so we also have that in common.

She'll be missed because she had presence and character and special qualities, as far as I'm concerned.

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