Monday, 22 June 2015

Reminiscing over Remnants

I was just getting into the worth of cat-fights when, much to my surprise, I found I could create a picture with photo-shop. Not much to you but while I was creating I was feeling the effects, adrenalin-wise, as I created; then I began posting my creations on the old forum and gradually elsewhere.

My creations are minimal and old-fashioned like me ( I suppose I'm a minimalist ) and I had no aspirations to take it further. 

The pics could be created fairly quickly and I worked in tandem with stories often using the pics I created, to find the words. 

I mostly used BFuk photos, altering (with their permission ) them until I achieved the effect I wanted though I did have failures, simply because I didn't know enough about photo-shop, or couldn't be bothered learning. 

I did create my own pics, quite often. The pic below was a one-off with a story then attached: topless fights ( nearly bottomless ) were my priority as you can see.

I'm no story writer either but I needed to provide an impression of what I felt about the subject of women boxing, Muay Thai and latterly MMA style. 

Strange, but with the advent of women fighting at professional levels in these sports, and exposure to violent fist fights shown on You Tube of girls and women going at it, the layers of reluctance to talk about, or to be creative publicly over women fighting were gradually peeled away.

I guess at some stage I'm gonna field a sexist comment unwittingly, simply because I'm attracted to women who want to fight, or who give the impression of fighting. 

Sexual stimulation is a big part of the picture, and I'm hopefully backed up by many others out there, all over the world. 

( The pic below is a story where I put Axa and Natalie of BFUK into a topless boxing match in a pit in the basement of a public house.) 

I've long been complacent about men's boxing. TBH I'd rather see fighting sports banned having personally seen some of the devastation it can cause to individuals though that was before the advent of protective measures. 

I've never been truly comfortable with hard-hitting women fights, I find I want to watch only women in the ring but I do appreciate and respect their commitment whether it be amateur or professional, provided the rules and officialdom are in place. 

Sexual stimulation aroused by women 's fights, eons ago, came via under-the-counter stuff that was taboo unless you took courage to purchase the ' brown paper package ' and risk exposure...... dan der an dan.

Women in real fights are awesome to watch but I'd rather see staged encounters, where reality is engineered artistically, with eroticism in mind and the women therefore, remain uninjured. 

( Axa lays into Natalie in the pic above.)

I'm in a bit of a busy frenzy over Axa and Natalie at this time, a lot of my spare time is spent imagining and producing their cat-fight in a barn but that's another story.

I get easily annoyed trying to produce a backdrop with perspective for the fights as they are time-consuming and detail is not my comfort zone.

I leave that to the real artists on the net who painstakingly produce wonderful art which must consume lots of their time and skill.

Though I was a wee bit chuffed at this pic capturing Natalie putting Axa on the deck in an abandoned factory.  I just can't help the more violent forms of women toughing it out in fighting, though in no way do I advocate this meme for real.

Kellie and Becca fights flipped my mind too, simply because of their so called rivalry; in this pic you can see the boxing glove as they wrestle. Although they never got it on topless, both eventually did expose their chests.

Women's wrestling has again ( like men's pro boxing ) lost its appeal to me. 

Well, not entirely - if they wrestle topless or nude with oiled-up bodies with oodles of eroticism.

So I let them fight naked Muay style, which is an exciting thought for me.

I did have a modicum of respect in creating a boxing match between Lacey and Sahara, as they so captured my imagination at that time but neither had ever fought topless, so the match was untainted by my erotic bent, not to say I did not imagine that scenario.

These thoughts of mine were long before they actually faced each other in a real cat-fight. 

And Sahara is, too date, now a very confident, exceptional, topless fighter but Lacey never crossed that divide, though my mind will forever be tormented by the thought of a topless fight between them.

I claimed a foot foul by Sahara which allowed her to knock Lacey down. 

Being the minimum-weight ladies at BFuk they were a success story at BFUK firing my imagination that hopefully another fighting division would be created as BFUK rode higher. 

But the elevator actually went down, taking my brain to the lower levels of reality fairly quickly, ( BFuk went into a slump ) arriving at that floor of common-sense which has no meaning in fantasy land.

Just as Lacey might be annoyed at the dirty trick that put her on her posterior, I was probably annoyed at Lacey for not challenging Sahara at that time, to cat-fight, so I thought their fight was lost forever. 

I was wrong about that - good old BFUK.

Axa,  who seemed up for anything, and Faith a bit kinky ( she suffered badly as a result of a latex ' thing ' outside cat-fights ), merged the sexual fight scene in my mind and I'm grateful to them, so I created some pointer pics to illustrate my thoughts of naked, kinky wandering, fighting, not that the pics are exceptional.

A video involving these two didn't reach the public via BFuk and I doubt it was as I thought, so I did my own thing with my own ideas of their girl on girl meeting.

Faith's bum is a bit more generous in reality.

The fight I photo-shopped for these two was more menacing and graphic........... IMO.

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