Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Amazons Alfresco


During the summer months BFuk took the girls to a rural setting for a team style match-up when the girls dressed in black or white under their respective captains Ruby ( white ) and Chelseab ( black ). Take that flavour on board.

Team Ruby lined up as left to right, Taz, Ruby,Lily, Millie and Ria. Note Taz giving the black team the facial expressive' You've got no chance.'

Team Chelseab lined up left to right, Hannah, Jamie Lee, ( back ) Rusty, Lacey and Chelseab in front. Already into the serious faces of fight mode.

Can you imagine the atmosphere as the girls readied for their fights, and in the mix were two sets of sisters, Lacey and Rusty in black pitted against the other two sisters, Millie and Lily in white. Ruby caught,not smiling, possibly thinking how she's going to start her fight against the girl sitting next to her, the smiling Chelseab, and they'll be fighting for the BFUK trophy held by Ruby.

Lacey given prime position in the relaxed setting though I'm sure, behind the smiles, fight thoughts were breaking loose. Wish I was Antman!

Lined up and raring to get into the fight arena for their turn to boost the team's chances for an overall team win, and maybe just a little bit nervous, the stomachs' churning.

A boxing pose from Rusty and Lily sets the tone for the competitive team clash, the live boxing taking place later, involving sisters Millie and Lily.

After Ria had gotten the better of Jamielee and was looking for the submission I believe the support from the black team brought about a revival from Jamielee, who reached extra depths and turned the fight around. Cracking start.

The fights well under way, the yelling of support from team members and advice shouted by the captains outside the ring increased the tension phenomenally, spurring on the fighters to give their all.

The captains intensifying pre-fight stakes by posing in boxing gloves.

Mind boggling picture, even smiling, the captains want to demonstrate how important their fight will be and their intentions look ominous. Note Tazmin far left, she's got the intention spot on too, the pointing finger from Rusty, some having a laugh but war had been declared.

Of course the fight between the captains was not only a result for the team but the challenge from Chelseab was to try to take Ruby's title at BFuk, the screams and support from the sidelines again, immense.

The captains battle was the roughest with a lot at stake, Ruby bravely boasting at the start that ' no way ' was Chelseab taking her title but I had other thoughts having seen Chelsea dismiss Natalie in hardcore fashion before Ruby, the top girl at BFuk, had returned to the UK after an absence, to take on Chelseab.

What a marvellous, thrilling day all round from the ladies who elected to fight in teams to produce an alfresco day to remember.

Though Ruby thought she had won her fight, the decision was later reversed but a small consolation to her, the white team defeated the black team 3 to 2.

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