Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Reminiscing over Remnants Two

Comprising thought-snippets not always contextual from my past efforts; Faith and Axa were inspirational to my imagination on the ' sexual ' in cat-fights but I drew this inspiration from their posts on the old forum and a glimpse of their work on the internet not connected with cat-fights.

My motto ' I love girl on girl fighting or loving ' and merging the two would be the fantastic, heavenly alternate ' I love girl on girl fighting while loving.'

Axa and Faith are having an off night and find they cannot stimulate each other in a sexual joust so they get into trash-talk and a serious fight, interspersed with flagrant nasty treatment of the body parts until, would you believe it, the orgasm is one way or another, reached.

You can see how seriously they take their fights at BFuk ( according to me ), to achieve my goal they are truly madly, really in love, deeply: so much so, that to lose without achieving a climax could end in a separation, if the truth were told.

It got so bad one loving bout, I reckon, Faith had suffered a serious love-bite, blood drawn and she told Axa to take off her boxing gloves and bare-knuckle fight.

Did Axa take them off? Of course she did because she knows love is a tough mistress and she had to beat Faith to prove it.

Axa was provocative on the old forum, I imagine she might, feeling frisky, mischievously smack Faith's tits until the sex-fight got under way.

No sex when they boxed ( apart from a kiss clinch ) but I shouldn't think they cared where they hit each other; fantastically, the fighting is foreplay so that when the gloves come off.......

Axa actually challenged Faith to a topless boxing match on the old forum but having just started her time at BFuk, Faith declined, posting that Axa would thrash her.

Disappointment, but it caused quite a stir and of course Axa was playing the game the fans love but her follow-ups gave me the distinct impression if Faith had said yes, the match was definitely going to happen. Bummer!

I could see their fame spread and eventually they would fight while making love at the biggest night clubs in the world: virtually naked in small gloves and high heels. My type of gals entirely.

Axa and Faith established themselves at BFuk taking their fights seriously for the fans sake but their posts on the old forum heightened my awareness of them in their various catfights. Axa and Faith never fought at BFuk so I guess I'm going into a miff again.

Not to say other girls at BFuk have not stirred me that, you know, way...quite a few did.

Some tongue in cheek in this lot but I realise my unlikely scenario may never actually play: I did get fairly close elsewhere but I'm not going to elaborate.

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