Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Ninth Boxing Gallery

I've already posted how Portia and Mandy rate highly for me in their cat-fights where their efforts were mostly carried out in slapping fashion, so just by slipping on a pair of boxing gloves and facing up, as in the photo, would pretty much have me in awe and likely gibbering at the prospect of a boxing battle between them.

First-timer Ashley took on Ruby who introduced her to a real nasty bitch-fight as only Ruby can, so that all Ashley wanted was to get her piece of Ruby and she was so determined to get it she nearly upset the apple-cart with a win but headstrong Ruby wouldn't allow that. 

A superb fight and if they'd boxed it might have resulted in a spectacular knock-out, Ruby had no inhibitions about boxing. 

Realising to what extent Ruby pushed Ashley in their cat-fight may have caused her failure to return.

Jane ( left ) and Jamielee had the fiercest stare-down as I've ever seen maybe because they were boxing for real. Jane had the style, the talent and boxing mannerisms for sticking you into her corner because she could talk the talk and walk the walk. She'd already had a boxing bash with Chelseab and had needed several months till the next. lol. 

For sure I felt she was going to win on points against Jamielee. Is that how it turned out? No way, Jamielee was a wayward slugger and found a way past Jane's talent. 

And here she is, for a long time she held sway at BFuk as the leading fighter; an extrovert and so confident and positive, I reckon if she and Chelsea had boxed, Ruby might have got to the winning post first because she had the advantage of having some ring-craft which Chelseab maybe didn't have. I'd have loved to have seen that boxing match.

A romp, a gorgeous romp, if you are into the amply proportioned ladies then you should consider a rather vivacious boxing babe called Mellie ( left ) who did her best to keep her naturals escaping their modest confinement and to keep a determined Faith at bay but Faith spoiled the party and forced Mellie onto her back a few times; instead of counting to ten Faith mounted Mellie and boxed her on the deck.

Mellie and her breasts were all at sea while a cool, sexy Faith couldn't keep her gloves off that delicious bountiful body. I should mention they had a cat-fight too, which was possibly slightly sexier. 

Mellie did not return but she should, that is one whole lot of woman who needs to be seen and be appreciated, again and again.

The current darling pin-up at BFuk and getting more popular as I post is Layla, not so lucky in her fights but looking as she does that gal could never be a loser. If you can, focus on those seams, even when you are having a bad day the sight of a woman wearing seamed stockings lightens the load considerably.

The marathon cat-fight is to their absolute credit, a dour and bitter struggle between Sahara ( left ) and Justice and if you ever box ladies I'd love to see how long you'd last. Three rounds might get me ' over the moon.'

New arrival at BFuk is pretty Amy: two cat-fights against Sahara under her belt, though Sahara got submissions in both, difficult to tell but I hope our tatted newcomer might have a little more under the bonnet, having learned the ropes from our vastly experienced queen. 

She's soon to go again I believe, against another rookie called Thorn and I'm looking forward to that fight where she can perhaps rev up her motor or the newbie might accelerate past her. Go Amy!

This pic is so uber-sexy. Girls, if you don't feel like boxing, a belly punch contest will do. Please!

The Goth look does not detract from this sexy clothe and pose by Echo but rule-tweaker Jaimielee was not impressed and destroyed her advance at BFuk. Pity!

I've already described this incredible cat-fight but looking at the photo can you see the steely determination in their eyes? I don't think they are posing the face, if you see the cat-fight you'll see what I mean.

Relax! It's only Vixen. Look at that expression, she's a cute and cuddly armful but as you would expect from a woman confident enough to set up against another woman in a cat-fight she's got a hard dig for a slap and she's learning all the time. 

I'd hate for a woman to get in a boxing fight against her will but if she ever challenges another woman to box at BFuk, I'm buying. Sweeet thang!

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