Friday, 24 July 2015

Focus on the Ladies. Rampant Ruby.

Ruby was the toast of Bitchfightuk when she cleared out her rivals for the top girl spot and champion only after she had lost to the soon to retire champion, Daisy.

The photo sums up Ruby's character: do not expect mercy from Ruby until you submit.

That look, see that look she has, that's the look of a bitchy cat-fighter. Love that look and of course the rest of her considerable assets.

Ruby had a number of fights against the new arrivals at that time including Ashley: a fight to remember.

A helluva fight against Tazmin - to get into a final versus Jade.

Against Jade - who was no pushover having beaten Emma to meet Ruby in the final. Check for combo's involving some of these fights I've mentioned.

I don't think Ruby had an easy victory over any of them. They were certainly made of sterner stuff. She made them fight tooth and claw; that was her way, but all her opponents responded and this resulted in awesome full-on cat-fights.

In the early years Ruby even slightly damped my awe of Natalie when she beat her in a good blankets fight though Natalie was still creating her, eventually to be, nest at BFuk.

Supposed to be a fun fight in custard but Ruby and the boss Simone gave it everything they had in a true bitchfightuk slap, hair-pull and grapple fight and Ruby surprisingly came out on top. Ruby is extremely competitive, even a top cat-fighter like Simone had to submit.

Ruby's posts on the forum were loud and clear, full of zip and so brash that I was carried along on the swell of the tide that Ruby could beat any dame BFuk could bring, such was her optimism and confidence.

After establishing herself as the top lady at BFuk she took herself off for nearly a year but she kept in touch on the forum with pics of herself and her pals enjoying a happy time, I think, abroad, with no sign of cat-fights other than promising a return to the BFuk troupe. 

She was enjoying herself, a good-time girl and so happy, seen to be smiling and laughing with her friends while I was a tad anxious for her exuberant presence in the fight arena.

 To give you an idea of Ruby's fight ethic take a look at the preview of her fight against Taz - wow!

But a fight took place which had ominous tones just prior to Ruby's welcome return; a superbly athletic, sturdy and compact young lady called Chelseab arrived on the scene and she took my favourite Natalie out in a hard-fought ( Natalie fought her fight and Chelseab fought hers ) contest where she displayed glimpses of being able to produce hardcore action when necessary, while Natalie's building reputation and top place in Ruby's absence, was utterly shredded.

I could barely watch the fight to the end.

I hinted on the forum to Ruby there was a new tough chick on the block who might be a real threat to her. But Ruby arrived in style with a fanfare and immediately agreed to fight Chelseab at the outdoor summer event as captains in the team event, putting her title on the line.

Chelseab was so obviously game and that fight was going to be huge. In fact it was huge for BFuk and the fans: the forum heaved and bucked with the accusations, the innuendo, even some behind the scenes rumouring of tactics which had affected the fight.

Ruby lost her title and sadly it almost ended there.

A rematch would have driven the forum wild but Ruby's pride was only dented and she re-established herself soon after against Jamielee in the barn matches to some extent but you know, I so wanted Ruby to challenge Chelseab to a rematch in the belief that the ex-champion, lovely Ruby might just do the near impossible because her character had walked and talked so tall for me that I had thought her invincible.

She left her final mark in her defeat of Jamielee. Ruby very definitely belongs on the short list of true champions at BFuk. An extraordinary lady.

A very early photo of Ruby not long, I think, after she started her BFuk term.

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