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Focus on the Ladies - Becca

My first memory of Becca is from several years back when she was first matched against a girl called Linsay and tbh I was in Linsay's corner because she is Scottish. So Becca, comely as she is, did not have me on her side then ( because I was touched with patriotism ). 

Both wore their uniforms so well and you can surely see the beauty in both.

They posed in boxing gloves just for hype and I'm warmed up. It looks an even match-up and blonde Becca is kind of left trailing in the fight. Linsey is all over her though Becca had a few good moments.

Linsey was guaranteed the win over Becca when she stripped to topless for the last round ( a winning formula ) and breasted her way to victory.

By now you might think I'm not really promoting Becca but Linsey was a one-of and the info I had, she was just passing through on her way home and took on the fight. 

So the occasional one-of appearance by many catfighters at BFuk will not get their own full - page billing here but may be included in my consistent performers write-ups.

Now I've tagged Becca and I know she's not likely to be a hard-core BFuk fighter, nor it seems, willing to bare topless like her opponent in her first fight. Nonetheless she's a lovely girl and I saw how hard she tried for her successful moments.

In the above photo I began to take a real interest in Becca, looking past her defeats and acknowledging just how attractive she is, including those spectacular legs, plus how good she looks in boxing gloves.

The old forum took up battle lines for the Becca versus Kelly fight, which was special in it's own right because it was outdoors in a field. Both sexily dressed they settled into a comfort fight with lots of turnovers, hair-pulling and slapping to a draw.

They had presumably up to this time been gathering fans and from the struggle they had, could there be a rivalry developing between these two? Each was as strong as the other: from viewing I could tell these lovely, sexy ladies were comfortable with each others tactics. I liked that.

In contrast, BfUK had decided that same day to put the BFUK trophy up for grabs and as Kelly had to tootle off, Becca agreed to fight Heidi, a newbie, for the trophy.

I've said before that BFuk does not do rehearsals though they are as explicit as they can be about the uncomplicated rules and I'm sure the girls are aware of these rules. But the young ladies ( I'm giggling here ) interpret these rules from their own perspective and an individual may find herself in an escalated situation way beyond her perspective.

And that's how a beat-down happens which is what Heidi handed to Becca. To say that Becca was taken aback is an under-statement. She'd just finished an arduous cat-fight with Kelly and while she fought back and at times tried to match the ferociousness from Heidi, that one-off newbie had no mercy in her whatsoever, getting the submission toot-sweet: plus, the trophy.

Gorgeous Becca gets involved in the barn fights and tackles the wonderful Natalie, each dressed in riding gear and stripping off the jodhpurs to finish a tough but sexy brawl. Superb seats and pony tales!!! A good flavour of this cat-fight can be had from the intro clip at Clips for Sale. In fact, here's that clip....

Jousts on the forum between the fans arising from the increasing rivalry between Becca and Kelly placed me in Becca's camp ( no dis to Kelly ), the build-up focusing on their next fight which was to be for the trophy ( Heidi had scarpered ).

Becca forced from Kelly the loudest submission I've ever heard at BFUK after a three round struggle and she became, lets say, the junior-weight champion.

I have to post that Becca was definitely ambitious calling out Simone ( the boss ) to fight. Two sweet looking ladies and though Becca tried so hard the wily Simone met Becca head-on and it became something of an exhibition bout. Loved the tiny little skirt ( cloth pelmet ) Becca had on.

A new Becca, the champion, was emerging when, on video, while standing on the winner's rostrum after defeating Jamielee, Axa challenged Becca to cat-fight for her trophy. Did our sexy Axa cause Becca to begin to show her beguiling sexy sauce in her pre-fight warm-up? I think she did.

Was Becca telling Axa, ' I can do anything better than you.' She is very convincing n'est-ce pas.

But Becca couldn't convince Axa, these sexy women had a decent battle with a hint of bitchy Becca but she good-naturedly passed her trophy on to Axa in the end when both needed to visit their hairdressers.

Becca does it again; this time she wants to tackle a formidable senior-weight fighter Big in the Game Jane and does so with her usual gusto. Jane had come through her fights on a learning curve developing an aggressive rough-house approach which is seen blatantly in their fight intro. Becca faced Jane bravely but the outcome was no surprise.

 Her final fight at BFuk was at least against someone in her own weight class: the sweet, gorgeous Danni.

Easily an attractive fight to advertise with two lovely ladies on show and, I suppose, with the blonde v brunette label. They toughed out a typical BFUK style catfight for two solid rounds of give and take and the final round sees Becca, for the first and last time, stripping off her shirt to fight topless.

Her bosums a delight to see and to the misfortune of Danni, Becca ends her marvellous career at BFuk by sitting on Danni to come out on top.

I salute extremely pretty Becca for throwing herself into her fights, always keenly energetic, no matter what the odds. Though she only won a few times I think her fight record would have improved if she had fought topless earlier in her career. ( Yes! I'm playing the topless stats card again: of course, with tongue in cheek.)

Becca is a stunner and fought to her limits which, of course, inspired me to write and draw pics of her in a story and obviously against her rival, Kelly: a boxing match that ended up, nude.

                                                Who won? I did give it to Becca though Kelly should get a re-match.

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