Sunday, 23 August 2015

Focus on the Ladies. Lightning Lacey.

My first sighting of Lacey was at the outdoor team event organised by BFuk several years ago. This 5'2" petite, vulnerable lass was part of a sister situation. Two sets of sisters similar in size were to engage in the battle for their respective teams. In the above photo, Lacey's opponent in white, Lily, was certainly heavier and Lacey, of course, an atom-weight at best.

But this fragile looking girl caught my attention, her speed and tenacity to energetically gain the upper hand initially, while Lily fought back giving her utmost getting more and more of the action. 

Lacey's flame petered out and like her sister, both found a reason to submit after showing lots of potential.

Prepared to model in boxing gloves this very slim but nicely proportioned, petite lady, definitely could be , in my mind, a real prospect for BFuk.

I, and others on the forum encouraged Bfuk to have Lacey return. My reasons for Lacey to fight again at BFuk were several, she was very attractive, she looked good in her fight despite her vulnerable look but the most important was that she would bolster the light-weight section and could be a likely future opponent for the one and only other atom-weight, Sahara.

Could Lacey scale these heights given that her stamina was, in my mind, a touch suspect. As time passed and Lacey proved herself time and again I grew more confident that these two ladies would prove to be the fight of fights if they could sense the rivalry I felt, might grow between them. If only!

I was delighted when Lacey was featured in the trial fights video though her sweet opponent was less than tenderly and speedily disposed of in a series of fight disciplines, being no match for Lacey. 

A comprehensive beat-down: Lacey had shown her talons.

Never an extrovert with her body or glamour fashion, Lacey did strip down to revealing teensy underwear style which added a sexy dash to her exciting fighting style.

Probably the closest to a sexy pose we're going to get but most welcome all the same.

Listed as Layce versus Katie the fight was actually a very hot cat-fight between Lacey and Layla, both girls maturing as BFuk cat-fighters and IMO Layla upped her game and gave Lacey a very gruelling fight in which Lacey's stamina had improved to force the submission from a stubborn and gallant Layla.

Likewise, newbie Charlie, a good match-up, faced up to lightning moves by Lacey, barely able to cope with her hard slaps and grateful to finish the fight in one piece.

Lacey is into Katie aggressively, the intro clip to the fight at Clips for Sale provides that intimate feel to the pressure Katie was under.

Lacey's fight strategy was normally explosive to begin with, the hair was her first target and her machine gun slaps seemed numbingly hard. 

Next up was Axa when Lacey, wearing a very classy outfit, vowed to throw her; quite a prediction, considering Axa was thirty pounds heavier, but the prediction came true.

Soaking up Lacey's harsh explosion including the magnificent take-down, Axa gradually turned the tables ( cat-fights need not be devoid of humour ) by stripping to topless ( the surprise on Lacey's face quite comical to see ) to finish the fight and defeat Lacey. I had expected the very experienced Axa to win but what a scrap!

The delicious little Lacey decided to put on her cave-woman outfit and face a challenge from Faith who wanted to test the effects of a lightning strike and by jove, by the end of the fight you'd think she'd been struck by lightning.

She'd threatened to throw Faith who was probably a stone heavier than Axa, and the little lady did just that. This was a bad-tempered affair with some serious trash-talking and though I was grinning at the classic repartee, I believe there was definitely malice and they were quite serious. Faith did have that habit of generating more than the usual rivalry.

Around four long years later, unbelievably, BFuk organised the fight of fights. The Sahara versus Lacey fight is on - I thought BFuk were cruelly kidding the fans of these two marvellous girls - what a coup and there in all her glory was Lacey, ready to strip down for the fight.

Several years behind her since she fought last with the rigours of life that that brings, maybe a few pounds heavier but still atom-weight and obviously confident and looking fit enough to take on Sahara.

These magnificent ladies are ready to fight, their hair flowing, eagerly awaiting the grasp of hands, the slightly nervous looking faces not sure how the fight will end but keen to find out just the same. Whose strategy will win?

It's not so much what Lacey thinks after the fight as she cools down after a tense and exciting battle but the thoughts mostly are mine ( as always ). 

It seems she may have fought her last fight for her BFuk fans but in one respect she aligns herself with the consistent fighters like Natalie and Sahara; having returned after a long lay-off, she'd transitioned from the almost thin, little, vulnerable fighting girl to the full blossom of womanhood and it's captured on camera. Thank you Lacey, you're a gem.

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