Friday, 4 September 2015

The Prominent Fights. Part three.


At a bit of a low ebb for some until recently when, out of the blue, BfUK announced the forgotten fight, the wisps of my regret abandoned on the old forum: LACEY TO RETURN TO FIGHT SAHARA. 

I could hardly believe it. In fact I got involved at BFuk again having laid low for some time. The lingering memories of lost opportunity when these two were publicly challenging each other but the fight prospect had melted away.

No doubt Lacey and Sahara didn't see the situation as I did, to them it was just another fight, which goes to show the nerves of steel these little fighters possess knowing, in Sahara's case, a loss might stall her consistency status at BFuk and for Lacey, well, she had nothing to lose, TBH, but the fact that she stuck her head over the parapet one more time just to satisfy the fan's curiosity as to who is the better woman, makes the scenario and the girls' attitude more than special.

I suppose I had hoped that Lacey had returned to continue cat-fighting for BFUK. Though she might not have had the consistency that Sahara's fitness produced, I'd like to think she couldn't resist the offer and felt she could take Sahara.

All mind-blowing and to see the two of them at last facing up to finally seal the deal, had my stomach in knots. Lacey had matured but she still looked in peak condition, maybe a few pounds heavier from her early days, while Sahara who fought on in Lacey's absence looked as sleek as ever.

I've only just realised Sahara is wearing see-through panties but this fight is definitely up there with the best and thanks to the persistence of BFuk the dream is realised.

Of course I wanted to see them bitchfight, stripped to the waist ( even a touch of baby oil added to the bodies ) but that's not how it works, though many fans would clamour for that scenario: strangely enough, they do fight topless when I'm day-dreaming.

The fight was as I expected, without the result I expected and no rematch is expected. But these atom-weight ladies are, for me and BFuk, immensely important. To have had Lacey at BFuk was a privilege and to have awesome Sahara still fighting is phenomenal.

A draw was the given result but I'm giving the win to Sahara because, in soaking up Lacey's best throws and hanging in there, her stamina kicked in to prove once again that she was in control at the end of three rounds.

Score: First round to Lacey, the second round, narrowly to Lacey and a lengthy third round to Sahara.


I feel as though Vivian and Big in the Game Jane were meant for each other during their respective terms at BFuk: that their time at BFuk just had to culminate in a face-off between them. 

Seeing Vivian posing, partially dressed was a wow factor, not only just attractive, she was looking after her body and obviously working out, her muscularity enhancing her femininity.

Of course I got the immediate impression that Vivian could be a hard-core fighter, misinterpreting muscular for hard-core being a common mistake, but I did wonder. Her first few fights left me still pondering; her strength, obviously an asset but the vivacious Vivian was not unduly stretched.

Big in the Game Jane, altogether different, her antics initially labelled her as an extrovert, cutely funny and a bit brash. Her physique, a big woman but a lot of the big was under her waist-line. 

As she progressed it was noticeable that this lady was keen on cat-fights and the more she fought, the more I noticed the waist-line disappear. Hows that for commitment to the fight game! 

Boxing and cat-fight, she got involved and her cat-fights were characteristically full on and all who opposed her suffered, even when she lost.

So, in the barn, the same day as Electra fought Ceecee, BFuk required Vivian and Jane to do battle. The fight was intriguing to me, as, having seen Jane fight, Vivian might be required to get her fight game close to hard-core, if she wanted the win.

As expected Jane hammered at Vivian from the start, the hair battle significant. The muscled Vivian was thrown about like a rag doll at times and still unable to contain her breasts.

No doubt who was the aggressor, she threw everything at Vivian who continued to soak up the punishment stoutly.

Vivian continued into the third round attempting to hold Jane's aggression by the hair.

Jane, at the end of the third round gave up throwing Vivian about and submitted. I was amazed: Vivian had secured the win with a totally defensive strategy and had faced the wrath of Jane successfully. So Vivian, in character, could not raise her game to hard-core but I think she could sure as hell withstand it.

Score: All three rounds to Jane.

These two ladies captured my imagination while they appeared at BFuk but this fight was special, possibly because I thought one of these lovely ladies had the game to take on Electra. 

Of course my choice would have been Big in the Game Jane but Electra scoffed at my suggestion when I mentioned this on the old forum, she clearly did not agree with my estimation of Jane and ' no way ' was I going to argue. I would happily have left Jane to do my arguing but it was a huge ask that did not materialize.

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