Monday, 14 September 2015

Focus on the Ladies - Vivacious Vivian

This vivacious lady started off her time at BFuk posing perfect. A splendid looking woman with obvious muscle though not overly so and within my range of appeal. Wow! Is she going to be a hardcore fighter I asked myself?

Her first few fights ranged from a touch playful to very energetic fights, very much reacting to her opponent IMO but no real problems getting the submissions in the end. Cheeky Cassidy threatens Vivian wholesomely but never quite achieves an all-out fight.

Against sexy little Becky.

Becca threw everything she had at Vivian whose strength prevailed.

Carmen had the stature but still succumbed to Vivian's strength.

By this stage I wasn't sure if this gorgeous gal could aggressively chase the prize in a more challenging fight or would she rather react to aggression: perhaps wishful thinking but I felt she was quite a shy lady so the latter would be most likely.

Well, we got the challenging fight; after a lay-off Vivian went head to head with newbie Sophia, similar in size but both with impressive physique and an exciting skin tone clash which would make this hard-fought fight extremely sensual for me. Although Vivian took the fight to Sophia the battle for the win was extraordinary in my view.

I've already given this amazing fight prominence elsewhere on the blog. In conclusion this remarkable lady worked her cat-fights with delightful facial expressions that reflected her personality, no histrionics, and when the more challenging fights came to her, the results were mixed but I still wonder if Vivian had been more aggressive her last two could have been ugly and hardcore.

Vivian did have other fights at the Catfight Britain site when she fought Cerelle ( Sorell at Bitchfightuk ) though Vivian's strength made it a shorter fight and against Ceecee in a two part thriller, apparently, that I've yet to see, though I doubt Ceecee would lose to Vivian.

Without doubt an attractive and glowing lady whose contribution to BFuk was immensely enjoyable.

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