Sunday, 13 September 2015

Tenth Boxing Gallery

Certainly not for the purists but Kate ( left ) and the Pocket Rocket got fight-level intimate wearing boxing gloves on the mattress in an energetic body boxing contest, sometimes on their knees and when one went to the floor, the punches continued. 

Boxing topless does increase my appreciation.

In the early days BFuk and the fighters treated boxing with kid gloves. 

Way back, it was initially, carefully considered I suppose, to present two women boxing to include the fun aspect with nudity to titillate. 

Although the body boxing at BFuk was earnest the ' fun ' approach only reaches some fans while others seek the more difficult production of realistic or serious boxing.

A few companies have produced serious topless boxing fights between women and these are fascinating and sometimes sensational to watch but above all, for the viewer it's mostly a sexual turn-on connected to a dangerous sport.

Good body boxing from Daisy ( right ) and Natalie: they didn't stay on their knees all the time.

On the other hand female mock boxing has improved greatly but still retains that comedic aspect which the producers seem to favour. Noisy floorboards, yuk! And do the girls have to make up for the lack of actually hitting or receiving mock blows by exaggerated vocals.

I prefer a more serious approach to mock topless boxing, I like the idea, it's certainly safer for the girls but I haven't seen my version yet but please, the realistic sound of boxing gloves striking the opponent is an imperative for me. Sound of the blows, overladen with serious determination from the topless ladies without exaggerated histrionics and please include a  dollop of the erotic. 

Asking for too much? Of course. I'm laughing, some have come close and gone out of business: I'm not laughing now.

BFuk hasn't stuck its head in the sand; as the years passed they upped their game on the boxing front to produce a sporty body boxing contest between Axa and Ruby, which IMO was the pearl among several boxing videos they produced around that time.

Other fans might favour the feisty sisters boxing brawl down on the farm but BFuk have made it known that the boxing videos didn't sell so well as the cat-fights, which saddens me because BFUK have tried to bring the boxing product.

The boxing fight from Carmen and Sapphire amongst the trees was the latest and a gem, from BFUK. 

Both girls get my highest praise for their efforts. Topless boxing in the forest where the girls were determined to try and head punch, was, I have to say, a sexy delivery from BFUK of a controversial sport.

So, without higher sales to encourage them to continue and perhaps through feedback etc., to improve their boxing productions ( and maybe even reach my niche requirements. OK! I'm chuckling).

The way things are now, boxing videos are non-existent at BFuk so we may end up with only the posed boxing photograph which, fortunately, BFUK continues to generously supply.

While Natalie is in stasis let's hope she can recover so that boxing ladies can again take the stage, and come out fighting at BFuk.

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