Thursday, 24 September 2015

Underwear Fight Arena plus Stats

Who better to start with than the one and only Axa. A body delight to see in her undergarments, a record of 10 wins and 3 losses which includes two boxing matches, topless in five of her fights including one boxing match. A woman who sizzles on sight.

I believe I did mention to Simone the boss, black wasn't her only choice for underwear but she had plenty fans who prefer her choices and I certainly wouldn't have argued with this full-bodied pretty, dangerous lady fighter. 

With, I believe, 9 fights to her credit ( she'd had at least one cat-fight before she formed BFuk ) and only losing one, also boxing her sister, puts her pretty much at the top of the league. Well, she was the boss.

With 11 wins and 5 losses including an oil fight, Kelly is a long-standing attraction at BFuk, she could wear her lingerie along with the best and can definitely take your eye, especially when she fights topless and she has done. 

She worked hard at her cat-fights always giving her best and quite prepared to match her strength against her opponents. Her sweet little yelp was occasionally heard when she took a slap that hurt.

I would like to capture the magnificent blonde Ceecee in her netting, look at that dazzling smile, full of radiance, a bright spark of a woman who thrusts her sexuality at you ( enough to make me light-headed ). 

Ceecee had had previous fight experience elsewhere and this marvellous woman came to BFuk at a time when the BFuk fighters crumbled in the face of Electra.

But Ceecee was up for it and her fights with Electra, imo shook the foundations of the cat-fight world. Her two losses to Electra were later kind of offset, by two wins. Ceecee's desire to fight wasn't to end at BFuk.

Taylor had so much to show us fans, dressing in her fighting lingerie and going up against Big in the Game Jane, such a hot prospect, even losing to Jane in a hard fight. But as is often the case she left us to base her fighting abilities at BFuk with a loss. It was a big loss for me, she would have been popular, I'm sure of that, had she continued.

Quiet Vivian made a loud roar in her fighting gear as far as I'm concerned, this attractive woman with a bit of muscle had 4 wins and 2 losses at BFuk and while she fought her way up the BFuk ladder her final fight with Big in the Game Jane was her 'piece de resistance'.

I hope she returns to regale us with more displays of lingerie fights. 

While she didn't fight topless she had little control over her breasts during a fight, they often appeared unannounced, not an incidence I looked for, cough! But most entertaining ( so hot ) and warmingly ( hotter ) sexy when they did.

I must admit fresh-faced little Ali ( Alison? ) plays in my fantasy as a willing combatant against Lacey and Sahara frequently and fighting them for real: sexy brain blast! 

Racy, and a sharp slapper, it's a pity their paths never crossed. Two losses but to be fair she fought bigger gals. A pal of Roxy, these two would have been a formidable tag team and they were not afraid to strip off their tops to fight. Loved 'em.

Becca had 10 fights. Three wins didn't put her in the premier league but she deserved to be there because she was so good to look at, coupled with the fact that she put her sexy body in the fight arena in the first place. Becca left a memory that will last with me when she fought Danni topless in her last fight. Becca needs to return, topless or not.

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