Sunday, 4 October 2015

Focus on the Ladies. Jamielee

BFuk's catfights matches were unscripted with few rules which Jamielee's first fight against Ria typified in their outdoor clash, in a raw and gritty struggle, where Jamie looked beaten but pushed herself that bit extra to secure the win; her performance in that fight, along with her radiant looks, kept me optimistic for her return, though I'd hardened myself by this time to accept that the women I hoped to return, very often didn't.

The lovely Jamielee was an exception and certainly didn't let me down. In her wake, Jamielee left four wins and three losses including one boxing fight for me to enjoy. She wasn't into posting on the old forum as I recall so I relied on the videos in which she appeared, to determine the cut of her jib.

To be drawn against Ruby in the barn fights was a tough ask, dressed in blouses and skirts they faced up. Ruby was born to cat-fight BFuk style and Jamielee had her work cut out to contain a top BFuk fighter in Ruby who was in sizzling and fizzing form after losing her crown to Chelseab.

Jamielee proved a formidable opponent and battled well but I'm fairly sure even she would admit Ruby's provenance in fighting was just above her pay scale.

Her celebratory Xmas fight against the Indian Tiger was a suitably costumed affair but the Indian Tiger was merely a kitten in Jamielee's hands. A roaringly solid beatdown of that cute tiger kitten.

Back into the groove Jamielee was introduced to the sexy Echo, and my impression just from the pics was that Echo was the teasing type, which I think, would not go down well with Jamielee. 

Echo had a goth look in her black lingerie and make-up to match, she started well going toe to toe with Jamielee who began to get the better of the exchanges IMO by bending the rules and the limbs of Echo.

Fantastic fight where I feel Jamielee would not tolerate Echo's insolence and dished the necessary punishment which resulted, sadly, in Echo's disappearence from BFuk.

Becoming a BFuk boxer is quite a stretch from the cat-fight but Jamielee joins my elite club of BFuk ladies who have done both and I'm always surprised at the ladies of BFuk when they do; however face punching isn't the norm ( unless by accident ) at BFuk so the girls can give vent to their punching prowess without actually knowing how to box, as long as they go for the body.

I see at BFuk the zest and zeal of the many encounters which the fighting ladies themselves generate and I am greatly attracted to high energy output in fights and BFuk rarely disappoint in that direction.

The same enthusiasm is generated in the boxing fights and Jamielee, no exception.

Her opponent Jane, unbelievably a boxing stylist, quite unlike her ' up and at 'em ' cat-fighting technique, who had to endure the ' crash, bang, wallop ' style of Jamielee.

Many ( with exceptions ) BFuk fighters, if they intend to stay around get their first few fights against newbies but there has to be the much anticipated telling clash between two maturing fighters who have built up some clout, at some stage and Jamielee was called on to do that against another popular darling.... Axa.

In the above photo Jamielee's grimace, using my fantasy lobes is directed to the challenging eye contact she wants to make with Axa which IMO definitely signifies that this will be no ordinary fight.

And Woohah!!!Axa feels the same freakin way.

We've got a BIGGY.

At that time BFuk had introduced the size-up and staredown tactics at the start of the fights, which was very exciting for me and this fight embodied the tensions in start-up hugely, whether intended or not, that fight had extra meaning because of that start-up phase.

Then there was the.... very....significant....famous...ending, no conclusive proof but was Jamielee crying as she stormed from the arena? Even if she wasn't, her upset is greatly obviou to me.

Here comes the inevitable topless stats pointer again. Jamielee's final fight just happens to be another tough one when Raven enters the arena topless. Jamielee's aggressive style is soaked up by Raven who, it transpires, definitely needs to win, then engages us no further.What a loss.

Jamielee didn't express her character on the old forum, she unveiled her character from her first fight and continued to do so till her last, a lovely looking woman who kept me intrigued in the time she spent at BFuk: when she got the drop on an opponent, pity help them.

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