Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Focus on the Ladies. Champion Chelseab.

Chelseab actually had few fights at BFuk and to keep it simple, once she'd shown what she was capable of, meant the regulars weren't interested in fighting her or the chances of newbies going in against her was perhaps too much of a risk, in my thinking.

We already know that my favourite regular Natalie was demolished by Chelseab in her opening fight at BFuk, followed by a dramatic win over Ruby for the crown and her last fight was against Pinkie, a newbie with, what I would say, no inclination of what she was up against and if she did know, Pinkie is one brave woman.

I'm not saying Chelseab couldn't spin a fight against someone less positive than she but I think it would be totally against her nature. Natalie, to her credit, lasted three rounds in a virtually one-sided fight. I'm sure Chelseab had the utmost respect for Natalie until the fight started then she made sure Natalie new what she was up against.

Ruby had already beaten Natalie in, I think, a closer fight so when she stepped in against Chelseab the strength of Chelseab was perhaps matched by Ruby but several opening throws were decisive which Ruby could not emulate though she didn't have much of a chance to do so. The eventual ground fight was strength-based and brave Ruby, try as she might, was held almost consistently to the ground.

When she fought Pinkie, Chelseab was uncompromising: she presumably had no idea how Pinkie was going to treat her, so the fight ended prematurely with Pinkie, visibly, in a state of some shock.

I'm pretty sure Chelseab, when given rules to fight by, could never react to an opponent, the opponent always had to react to her. What would she have been like in a street fight? Only she can tell us but she certainly wouldn't be thinking about losing.

Her matches against Big in the Game Jane, a topless cat-fight and a boxing fight got her to 100 percent in wins at BFuk. Jane was a rookie and her size helped to cushion the violence she received at the hands of Chelsea, none the less I'm sure Jane learned a lot from her fights against Chelsea which stood her in good stead, in fact, I followed Jane's path after that, surprised that her cat-fight notions hadn't been destroyed by Chelseab, and actually had the grit to return to fight again.

The boxing fight was interesting because Jane had a very good style which was kind of wasted on Chelsea, who enveloped Jane's classy style with a sort of avalanche of blows advancing quickly from novice windmilling to the real punch.

A lovely woman who stood head and shoulders above the rest with her hardcore attitude and fight style, lifting the BFuk trophy and will always remain a feast of beauty to the eye.

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