Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Eleventh Boxing Gallery-

The wee Scottish lass who called herself Linsay for the day ( I presume ), puts on the boxing gloves for show along with the natty outfit and ends up claiming a cat-fight win over the lovely Becca, shown next. If they'd worn the national football strips for this cat-fight the temperature would've risen a bit higher and speaking of strips, Linsay bravely stripped her top off for the last round ( what a bonus! )

Becca became an inspiration at BFuk as she stayed around to let us get to know her better, though it's not her first time in boxing gloves she only wore them for the pose. As for stripping off her top, she did: but much later, in fact, during her last cat-fight at BFUK and much to my delight, a memory that stays with me.

Uncompromising body boxing from Candy and Emma in their topless boxing match, with Emma showing the way and Candy responding, sometimes getting the better of the exchanges. The cat-fight that followed was similarly fought, IMO a good draw but Candy ( left ) gave way to Emma finally.

Very unfair on the fans when Paige poses in boxing gloves, cat-fights Kelly then disappears from our world. Another one slips away after raising more than our hopes for a promising term at BFuk - dashed again.

Surely that's the uppercut needed to plant on the chin of Chelseab in the next pic to knock her out and win back the championship Ruby lost to her in their magnificent cat-fight.

Chelsea only had four cat-fights at BFuk but being a hardcore fighter, Bfuk must have had difficulty finding like opponents for the lass who was ' top of the range ' and gorgeous with it.

Isis sports boxing gloves in her lingerie before she took out Carmen, very roughly. A few newbies disregard the friendly fight, clearly it's their interpretation of the simple rules put to them and the energy they apply which in Isis's case was ' me first.'  But she never returned; a lovely woman too, though I don't suppose she'd want to hang around too long in case another of similar persuasion is pitted against her: the fight could well be unforgettably awesome but perhaps best left to the imagination.

Buxom newbie Candy got involved in the barn fights and was drawn against sweet Goldielocks. Candy looked useful in the cat-fight though she submitted, however she would have been a good opponent for Faith IMO but Candy became invisible after her fight.

This pic is a photoshop of a brief thought of mine that Mandy and Layla ( red gloves ) should box it out, though Mandy was too good for Layla in their slapping fight, so it remains a brief thought and I'll give Mandy the benefit of the doubt.

Carmen and Sapphire from Poland had a lovely day in the field cat-fighting then into the forest to box, finishing with another cat-fight. The boxing was the best for me as the girls were going hard at each other in topless mode, Sapphire ( next pic ) trying to jump into the air to land the face-punch on the taller Carmen. A totally delightful video.

That was the only day Sapphire spent with BFuk and maybe returned to Poland, but if not, BFuk needs you Sapphire - if all the newbies who left BFuk returned, what a lift all round.

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