Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Carmen's Fight Foreplay

THE TEASE: Many cat-fight fans enjoy different aspects of the striptease and stripping down of clothing until the girls are comfortable for the fight.

STILL TEASING. In this respect Carmen's tactics before her fight is in front of the camera.

THE RELEASE: This sexy vixen loves to create a type of foreplay ( my word ) designed to seduce your mind, possibly to get you onside or merely to intimate to you that the girlfight is not just about the fight, but more importantly it's perhaps because her opponent is watching her.

THE RESISTANCE: of a tight denim jacket.

THE SQUASH: Yes, she's got my attention and I'm jealous of her hands.

THE FIB: She says ' I'm just warming up for the fight and doing my stretches. Isn't it obvious.'

THE MUSCLE SHOW: Every muscle is working and functioning perfectly. Opponent take note.

THE FACE: Says it all, her opponent is quivering in despair.

THE FULL HIP TILT: Always a favourite Carmen, and a winner.

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