Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Underwear Fight Arena 2 plus Stats.

Fifteen wins, five losses, a draw, a sexy boxing match and a playfight kept us entertained for several years at BFuk by this amazing young lady we know as Natalie. 

She started at BFuk as a teenager and remained for several years of her life facing up to the unknown in the fight arena. Mostly ups but she took her lickings bravely: never a complaint but she did stand up for the girls at BFUK.

At 5'9" she did impose but still girly, as she progressed in her cat-fights, to become a force to be reckoned with by all but the hardcore girls. She put herself out there for BFUK, posing when required and willing to strip topless to fight. I nicknamed her Diamond and she always will be that bright stone: even in defeat she smiled and that smile disarmed me completely.

Sorell I thought had two fights at BFuk but I can only clearly remember her fight against Ceecee. Mature sexy women like Sorell are fascinating to watch in a fight but her opponent Ceecee had already fought Electra so Sorell, though she gave a splendid account of herself, Ceecee was definitely in charge. 

Knew she'd had two fights- the other she lost against Vivian which was at Catfight Britain when she was called Cerelle.

Jade got the better of Emma in a good solid fight but Ruby in her usual 'all out assault' found Jade didn't really have the heart to match her and she was on the downward slippery slope to a submission. 

To go up against Simone, was another slide downwards for Jade. An attractive young lady, I felt she could go on to increase her fanbase and definitely become a fighting talent but she decided to leave with me wondering, as is often the case: TBH one win and two losses going in against the top ladies of the time, as a newbie at BFUK was impressive.

With a tear in my eye the very appetising Riley appeared in dazzling underwear just the once at BFuk to oppose our cornerstone talent the lovely Kelly in a fight that went to the wire: I intend to gather the single appearance BFuk fighters on a list to come on this blog, just to show what could have been enjoyed if they'd returned to fight again and perhaps to pair them off in fights I'd love to have seen.

Magnificent Ruby accumulated nine wins against two losses, ( one of which was under another name - Melissa ) including a boxing match. Her right as champion was gained after several wins in succession until Chelseab took the trophy, controversially, in their big outdoor fight.

Gorgeously dressed in a fetching basque for her fight the sturdily attractive Tait had lots of hair for Natalie to play with effectively. Natalie's chest and body were marked up badly from Tait's anguished slapping but she had to concede to Natalie's catfight moves. Unfortunately Tait was another one-off.

Carmen's eight wins and eight losses which included two oil matches one of which was a face-sit victory against Sahara, plus a drawn boxing match, spanned a few years at BFuk. 

She could wear sexy underwear with the best or she would get nearly nude or subtly naked for the pics: she had no qualms about stripping to topless to fight, her figure a joy as she proudly matched herself against her opponent.

Six fights with a long break berween the fourth and sixth when she surprised BFuk in returning after nearly four years, sweet, delicious Danni with her soft and curvy body had captured many a fan's heart during her fight-time at BFuk. 

She won three and lost three fights, strangely enough, I reckon her best fights were in the stand-up in the first and last two fights while she lost four ground fights in between. 

I was gobsmacked by her debut cat-fight against newbie Titch which was a mixture of ground and stand-up and they had a ding dong battle where they applied the rules to the max: not unusual but it got me to the edge of my seat.

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