Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Prominent Fights. Part 4


Jamielee and Axa had been building up some steam at BFuk, not having it all their own way but they both had an ' up and at 'em ' style that suited me immensely, so, lo and behold they were paired off to fight.

I had hoped for topless as I knew Axa didn't mind stripping to topless to fight but Jamielee never had, so Axa did respect her opponent that way, when they faced up.

To me it seemed feasable that strength and stamina would determine the winner and I gave the nod to Jamielee but only slightly, so the prospect of a good fight was definitely on the cards.

At that time BFuk, with pressure from the old forum encouraged the girls to delay the start of the fights by circling each other and/or a staredown. Provocatively sexy when the girls, arms akimbo, stare coolly at each other, swinging the butts as they circle each other, racks up the anticipation to such bristling tension it causes ' shivers up me backbone.'

Jamielee and Axa did the start beautifully with intensity, so intense Jamielee just had to break the spell of the swinging walk and the cool stares by lunging at Axa and attacking her hair. Fight on!

As I thought, both girls got into each other earnestly though Axa, as always, very vigorous and aggressive, kept Jamielee against the wall with hair gripping and slapping going great guns from both.

Jamielee, desperately trying to get away from the wall even used her foot for impetus, banging in the slaps to Axa's body; energy unabated Axa threw everything into pushing Jamielee back against the wall and succeeded. Jamielee was getting a tad frustrated.

Jamielee makes a breakthrough with her strength forcing Axa into the sitting position. Firmly in the driving seat she looks commanding and has Axa on the run.

While Jamielee has the top position Axa has never stopped working hair and slapping,

Axa, using her knee, tries to shift Jamielee, her bare stomach showing the effects of Jamielee's cruel slaps.

If memory serves me that was just the first round so two marvelous back and forth rounds to go before Jamielee marches angrily from the arena, some say in tears, while Axa stepped on to the winner's podium with a deserved victory. Certainly a prominent fight in my book.

Middle round to Jamielee and the other rounds even but the final submission from Jamielee.


What can I say about the prominence of a beatdown to my favourite fighter where the brakes are slammed on her promising climb up the BFuk ladder, by a newbie. Chelseab happened to Natalie like a hurricane to anywhere.

And yet, out of her depth, Natalie fought her own corner in the only way she could for three solid rounds while the 5'7" athletic Chelseab displayed her ability to move up and down the gears from ordinary to hardcore depending on how far Natalie wanted to push her.

No doubt the sturdier body of Chelseab was an indication possibly of superior strength to the slimmer 5'9" Natalie but when it came to stamina Natalie had plenty of that: so, it transpired, had Chelseab.

When it came to slapping, the shortest distance between two points is more effective for Chelsea, while the roundhouse slaps, almost girly, from Natalie compared to the instinctive heel of the hand punch ( slap ?- ho ho! ) to her chest from Chelseab was making a huge difference.

Yet, Natalie, without changing her tactics, held her ground in the stand-up taking a lot of punishment and to her credit it was Chelseab who was forced, or became fed up battering Natalie, to take her to the deck where Natalie became pinioned, still fighting from the bottom.

Score: All three rounds to ChelseaB before the submission from Natalie.
I think Natalie new quite early on that Chelseab was a fight category above her but she put her game-face on and withstood the onslought with courage above and beyond. Usually Natalie took her punishment and ended up the winner as her opponent could not compete with her stamina: against Chelsea, never!

Even in defeat she's still my favourite, but I was pretty glum watching Chelseab take Natalie apart, though I'm proud of the stance Natalie took against hardcore when she could have, and perhaps should have said ' I give ' a lot sooner. 

Chelseab and Ruby both had the beating of Natalie which paved the way for their fantastic championship meeting.

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