Sunday, 1 November 2015

Underwear Fight Arena 3 plus stats.

Bad Barbie's fights were produced by the sister company Catfight Britain.

Though she didn't make her mark the same as most of the other fighters, at least not in my eyes, she is beautifully built and highly photogenic.

Prone to the giggle and squeal this looker suffered defeats in both her fights from two women at either end of the cat-fight toughness spectrum, Sofia and Danni.

Cassie ventured into BFuk cat-fights with the fight that never was, against Silica, a near fight that was, yes, sexy, where the rules were either misinterpreted or they just did it their way and choreographed instinctively to a fightless draw.

Shazam! Enter the magnificent Electra who didn't quite comprehend what casual Cassie was about until she opened her mouth and ' let the one-sided banter begin ' while Electra twisted and and pulled Cassie about something shocking: some wag on the forum suggested Electra wore the police uniform before the cat-fight but I have to write that Cassie won the banter contest.

Mystification in her last fight, an arguable draw with Emma, the fight of fights, topless in thongs, hair tugged incessantly, harsh slapping, sexy ground-work, Cassie's bare-necked banter in joky and insulting form while a solemn Emma fought hard, in vain, for the win. The prize money shared. Fantastic bout.

Ten fights including two boxing matches book-ended with two cat-fight losses. Faith inspired me greatly from the off, her first fight, a bad loss, her last fight a close, sexy loss but overall I watched her grow in confidence from uncertain, to positive and sexy cheeky: she was the sweet trigger to switch on my imagination where I pretty much glow.

Six cat-fights including a boxing match, all victories, becoming the champion after a magnificent, topless, trophy fight against Ceecee in the barn.

What a setting and what a fight, actually breaking off the fight early on, to launch accusations at each other in a hair dispute.

Sturdy little Justice got to me when she got in a fight with Sahara that went on for ages, long enough for me to understand a little of what she was about.

A determined little fighter who hated to lose. Tops in my book. Lost to Faith in a solid, close fight, beat Drucilla at cat-fighting and boxing and that draw with Sahara was epic.

Just two appearances for BFuk, her rookie win against Vivian who showed her metal before giving in to the persistance of Sophia making it a very worthwhile clash of the bigger gals. Sophia also took on and gave no quarter to the much lighter gymnastic Domino.

Fine-boned Lily only had the one fight against our indestructable Sahara and lost convincingly. A lovely delicate looking lass who did get my attention but Sahara had done too good a job on her.

Very sexy in fetish-type wear which they trashed to the more satisfactory bra and panties during the fight.

Shay Hendrix lost both her fights at BFuk, perhaps she was more comfortable in the wrestling theatre but I have to say she lost narrowly to Natalie in their cat-fight and I've no doubt she wrestled both Natalie and Axa later on, several times, elsewhere.

Now retired, but a pleasure to see this full-bodied, lovely woman in fight mode and a small part of her illustrious fighting life is recorded at BFuk.

In the corner to your left, Panther ), one hot lady, a friend of Electra the Great and a rookie gets into a scrap against a sexy rookie called Faith then beats the hell out of her.

Faith tried over the three rounds but made little headway against a girl who knew how to fight tough and told Faith, while astride her during the fight, she... couldn't.... win. I'm hoping these gorgeous women who can fight really tough return and stay around but rarely, they do, and she didn't.

A snippet - when Electra fought Ceecee a strident voice from the audience was heard to encourage and direct Electra loudly and you only get one guess as to who?

Katie,the blonde figure perfect newbie had to fight Lacey as a start-up and I'm afraid the lightning touched Katie's cute figure too hard, so much so that it shocked Katie into a full stop at BFuk, I guess?

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