Sunday, 8 November 2015

Flat-out Sexy

Sahara and Natalie end up in some awkward positions. Awkward it may be awkward and amazingly tiny Sahara escapes the clutches of Natalie time and time again.

Kelly and Emma intertwine, the lines of Kelly sexily stretched as she fends off Emma with her knee while Emma's left breast has escaped the confines of her bra, the colour red, sexy on both women.

Six foot tall rookie Prinine is pooped, her energy gone after using all of it to beat Natalie, who is smiling while she adjusts her flimsy bra over her sexy small, perfect breasts. Though Natalie is a good loser I'm sure this competitive lady has had her confidence dented but she always picks herself up well, after setbacks. Sweet out-take BFuk.

It had to happen and Lexi allows Emma to practice the art of the butt spank fetish briefly. Emma did enjoy behaving the sexy bully for most of the fight.

A very sexy layout as Natalie wins her turn on top of Axa, the slaps from both landing on soft yielding flesh while they each hold the other's hair tightly, a process that lasts for three exciting, exhausting rounds.

In the outdoor team event the experienced Tazmin fights the well-endowed topless rookie Hannah who did not have an answer but the awesome Hannah has a unique presence that could easily have fitted into BFuk for a long time.

And Hannah, underneath Axa ( sigh ), topless in a hot match indoors with lots of close contact and some nasty slapping that marks up the skin; though Axa is controlling the less experienced Hannah it is a match which yields very sexy photography.

Two girls making their mark at BFuk fight for pecking order where Layla does her damnedest to quell the lightning Lacey over three rounds. At times Layla was on the verge of taking the advantage but each time Lacey produced the extra effort to keep Layla's hopes at bay. 

IMO Layla's best fight ever, she still lost but for me this fight paved the way for a showdown between Lacey and Sahara, who'd also beaten Layla and I had to wait several years for it to happen, but happen it did and down to the persistence, no doubt, of BFuk.

Didn't I mention sexy photography, Hannah's beautifully exhausted, at the end of her tether it seems while Axa persists in harassing her.

They're fighting outside the inflatable now, something is going on with Carmen I can't explain and that semi-grin on Kelly's face might be responsible.

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