Sunday, 29 November 2015

Flat-out Sexy 2

Not very often you'll find a BFuk pic where the hair is not targeted ( head hair that is ) and the Axa v Natalie fights are full of hair gripping to control the head and vicious body slapping, Oh! And dare I say it - so sexy.

The delectable blonde Skye is a no nonsense fighter, denting my winning formula when a hot, topless Lexi is unable to combat the intensity of, a sad to say, one-of appearance by Skye.

Portia and Mandy didn't spend too long on the ground during their clash and a wicked fight it was : a rare shot of Mandy almost flat-out underneath Portia. An epic slap fight with sexy in-fighting.

Unusual move from Carmen to keep Vixen below her but she is targeting the hair again, her favourite attack, though Vixen missed a treat for the viewers by slapping Carmen's lovely, vulnerable body, wherever she pleased. You missed a moment there Vixen.

Now that is an excellent example of super flat-out sexy by Seline, you wouldn't have thought she was victorious..

Natalie and Samara were flat out trying to win in a totally sexy, close quarters, fight.

Holly is left flattened by Carmen who doesn't seem so happy but she's probably making up her victory speech.

Kelly had the measure of Carmen in the oil-fight and I reckon Carmen enjoyed every moment, as I did.

One of my most favourite pics. Carmen has briefly flattened Natalie in an extremely sexy situation and though it is temporary it has been magnificently caught for eternity.

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