Thursday, 26 November 2015

Many A Slip 1

There's no tease when the BFuk girls strip to topless to fight because we mostly get  a rules BFuk fight and the girls know they are there to try to give as good as they get, I guess it's just extra money for the added exposure but I do love to see the two women stripped to the waist to fight.

But the tease is often captured by the BFuk photographer when the girls ostensibly wear enough material sufficiently strong enough to prevent the fans from seeing and thinking something they possibly shouldn't, accidentally of course.

 One could be forgiven for thinking there was an offer on the table from Vivian to Sophia but Vivian just had no control over her boobs.

Emma continually downloaded her escaped breasts for her fans and let's face it, she had more to keep in check.

A rare escape from Jamielee and I remember being annoyed because she just had to tuck them back into her bodice, instead of concentrating on beating up Axa. Maybe that's why she lost?

Pinkie's exposure came about because Chelseab  had no intention of fighting lady-like so I reckon Pinkie was happy to finish in one piece though in total disarray.

The expressions the camera caught from Carmen are marvellous and if that'd been a breast grab coming from Malicious, Carmen face would've shifted from serene to wide-eyed, these moves are not seen at BFUK, yet.

Vivian is out there again but Cassie possibly had enough to contend with or she would've made a quip about it. You never know, Vivian may use her great escapes to intimidate.

Melly, during her melee with Faith had very little support much to my enjoyment, in fact when she did manage to tuck 'em in I knew they were going to reappear without an ' encore.'

Natalie, exciting in red but so flimsy upstairs there was no way confinement was secure but it didn't stop her putting one over the lovely Shay Hendrix. A very competitive fight IMO.

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