Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Focus On The Ladies. Challenger Ceecee.

Once the fights have fizzled out for the hardcore fighters, primarily because hardcore happens rarely, so the top ladies are really on the shelf and sooner, rather then later fade away. Electra was in a similar situation when, shock...a gorgeous woman with a big smile arrived on the scene and is willing to fight her. Oh Ho!!

Their first fight was electric with Electra taking the spoils. Ceecee had had previous experience and in that fight she showed she had no fear of Electra but she couldn't quite match her in all aspects of the cat-fight.

Ceecee topped that by challenging Electra for the trophy soon after and we see them face up in the barn ( above ) for a massive fight ( Ceecee might be thinking she'd learned from her first fight against Electra and was ready to stretch her to the limit. ) only to see her early gains diminish against the superb Electra and her hopes dashed, but what a bloody marvellous sight and fight.

Her early brave thrust for fame was shattered by Electra but this exciting fighting lady took on two more fights before moving on.

I couldn't help but be attracted to her broad, dazzling smile and appearance. Topless does have leverage as IMO we must differentiate the cat-fight from the professional fights and I reckon that's the only way to do it. (  I do drop clangers but that was a serious chuckle observation.)

Ably capable of convincing you that she has connections with the valkyrie by conveying the warrior message of this pic.

A substantial beauty who saw off the challenges of Sorell and Big in the Game Jane to complete her spell at BFuk.

She was no stranger to the camera and although she seemed to like being encased in netting, I for one was captured by her presence on the screen as she bravely challenged Electra for her crown and I can never forget the moment these two faced up with everything to fight for, the tension incredible, I could sense the stress in both until they launched themselves at each other.

Ceecee moved on to cat-fight elsewhere but had Electra not been around when she arrived at BFuk I think she could well have held the champion's trophy herself. Quite smitten by Ceecee for a time
I attempted a photoshop portrait of her: even Electra approved of the result.

Celebrating a victory against Sorrel and she's enjoying a good laugh, seems a good note on which to leave this sweet lady but I doubt if she will look on her time at BFuk as fondly as I do.

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