Thursday, 19 November 2015

Underwear Fight Arena 4 plus stats.

Mia appeared only once at BFuk, a slightly mature and very sexy lady, to take on Alexsa in a very hot and evenly fought cat-fight and in Part 2, Mia takes off her top to up the ante and take the win.

A Catfight Britain fight.

Taegan's only fight at BFuk was against Sahara ( also her first fight at BFuk ) when Taegan injured her foot early in the cat-fight, a pity, because, as you can see, her eye-candy level is set at high. A Catfight Britain fight.

Sofia's delightful appearance did not grace BFuk long enough, though not what you'd call a winner in her fights against Sahara and Layla, her one win against Bad Barbie shouldn't have been her last fight: I could easily have watched her lose a few more. A Catfight Britain fight.

Sexy in her fight underwear, Vixen waited a long time  - years - between her first fight, above, when she lived up to her name but not so long ago she gave Carmen a tough battle for the trophy over three rounds. 

Her latest fight against Sahara was a corker which the smaller Sahara won but taking heavy punishment from Vixen before the finish

I don't really know what she called herself but she's listed on the Catfight Britain site as Prinnie, at six foot tall, blonde and gorgeous, fights five foot nine inches tall, equally gorgeous Natalie the brunette, in a nail-biter ( for me ) in the barn.

Dressed down to smalls these two battled courageously in the straw. 

Although I was disappointed, Prinny was just that bit stronger and tougher than Natalie. What a lovely cat-fight, at least Natalie returned after her defeat to fight on, Prinny, did not. 

A Catfight Britain fight.

You  cannot say that Danni looks delicate, yet she had a toned and exciting looking body in the smaller ladies class, her demeanour in the fight arena was to say, aggressive and determined as Sahara found out.

Sahara was also determined to make a fight of it, that she - like in some other fights - took heavy punishment, going the full distance but this time she had to give way to Danni.

Danni's other fight against Bad Barbie was a mismatch but had Danni stayed around it would have perhaps taken a truly hard-core fighter to beat her. 

A Catfight Britain fight.

This lady used two names during her time at BFuk, Crystal Lou and Nicola but no matter which name she used, I was impressed by her pleasing looks and her cat-fight progress during her five bouts, winning more than she lost. 

My particular favourite fight was battling Jodie when they stripped almost naked to finish the fight. Her fights can be found at both BFuk and Catfight Britain.

Although of smaller stature Becky had a lot to show off in the fight arena, but it was the full-figured,  compact sexy look that took my attention, her fights against Kelly and Vivian were losses but she was a bubbly lass who was inclined to giggle some, though she fought energetically. I felt Kelly and Vivian didn't struggle too hard to cope at any time, but the fights were aesthetically pleasing ( ok! sexy ).

Her costume ( if you can call it a costume ) totally got in my way of pure sexual frenzy until her breasts had to be released because of the fight ( Yes! They're out!) but she left enough on to tantalise which was so frustrating because she'd be a very successful nude fighter IMO. I do get carried away something awful but they do tease - don't they?

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