Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Prominent Fights. Part Five


This fight is prominent for me because my perspective is tuned into the fabric of the BFuk's fighters progress ( I just wasn't tuned in so well to BFuk because of the ups and downs it faced ) so I had this fixture in my future's diary listed as  sometime, maybe, before it happened.

Just a matter of time before BFuk thought about it, they had to meet at some time or another. Some trepidation on my part on behalf of Natalie, she was having a decent run against newbies just like Emma but both had suffered setbacks.

And yet comparing the two, Emma's ' up and at them style, ' against Natalie's ' soak up what she's got then turn the tables ' seemed flimsy as far as Natalie was concerned because Emma might have learned from her previous hiccups and improved her stamina. ( Totally my fear factor: I guess I secretly wanted Emma to improve this weakness in her fight strategy, but perhaps just not against my gal Natalie.)

Dressed in schoolgirl outfits and stockings IMO wasn't necessary for me because I saw this fight as a hurdle for Natalie, and a big one. 

So if they were topless and in panties for the whole fight that would have been my selfish preference as the outfits they wore could only interfere with continuity.

The stronger Emma made her blistering start as usual, her slaps vicious, putting Natalie on her back on the floor from where she used her leg scissors and slapped, the hair being targeted in a cruel way. no doubt hair was lost in this battle.

The shirts were removed gradually and did interrupt my concentration, stealing some of the gravity of the fight, in my mind.

Predictably enough, once they were down to the sexy topless with susses, stockings and panties with hiked-up skirts the fight took off again and when Emma had her ( still apparent, suspect stamina ) rest spell during the fight it left Natalie unsure how to fight a no return.

I was at 'high doh' when Natalie with absolute grandeur having let Emma recover somewhat, fought off Emma's resurgence in the last round to majestically straddle then hear the submission from a beleaguered Emma.

Natalie rolled off Emma and immediately returned to being that demure and humble lass that, surely, she truly is.

Both girls looked as if they'd been dragged through the veritable hedge, backwards, but I was pleased for Natalie, her tactics were enough and the gorgeous Emma lost out on her stamina again.

A solid win for Natalie taking the hardest punishment from a gallant loser.

Score : Natalie by two rounds to one.


I wouldn't have downloaded this fight in any circumstances, the fight being between non-topless thick and thin ladies but it was a BFuk fight and I had thoroughly enjoyed what they produced, so I took the plunge. 

WOW! Pussycat and Scorpio provided three rounds of dogged bitch-fight that left me exhausted and wondering why they could go at it so hard, trying to knock the stuffing out of each other. And both were newbies!

Scorpio definitely had Pussycat pretty much on the ropes for the first two rounds.

Superior weight and strength kept her in charge but in spite of being pretty much mauled, the slim Pussycat stayed in the fight, obviously, she wasn't going to say she'd had enough though I think some gals might.

Towards the end Scorpio pretty much got frustrated at Pussycat's determination to continue the fight so, perhaps tiring and the thought of losing sapped her determination, though her body slaps became fist thumps. Pussycat took it all and went on to terrorise a tiring Scorpio who resignedly, submitted.

Score: First two rounds to Scorpio and even in the third but an exhausted submission by Scorpio gave the stubborn, fighting Pussycat the result.

Scorpio had worn herself out putting her effort into punishing Pussycat for much of the fight and had to have been amazed at how the punishment was soaked up so that Pussycat had enough in the tank to demoralise Scorpio, whose tank was finally on empty.

A shame of course, neither ever showed face again at BFuk, a disaster for fans of sound rules fights but on reflection these two put so much into their fight, they probably felt they'd crammed any future cat-fights they might have had, into a one-of, never to be repeated. 

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