Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Focus on the Ladies. Tasty Tazmin

In her opening fight at BFuk a really hot young woman in sexy lingerie steps up to fight Ruby (equally sexy in her hot lingerie ): her opening remarks prior to fighting is the usual standard boast but unfortunately Ruby took her seriously; have a look at the 10 second trailer of their fight where Ruby made it abundantly clear what was required to compete with her. 


But Tazmin did, recovering her composure quickly  to give Ruby a hard tough fight after the stunning takedown as you can see in the pic ( Taz on top ): she wanted a piece of Ruby. 

Definitely a fighter to be reckoned with especially as BFuk mentioned the fight ventured outside the rules and the two ladies had to be reined in a few times.

On looking back and writing about times gone by at BFuk reminds me of the perfection of the likes of Tazmin who strips off to cat-fight, I would have loved her to have been around to take me to dizzy heights by getting into the fight arena with Faith or Emma. Not to be, but I can imagine.

Her next fight against Chrystal Lou was a stunner, not just the fight but both fought topless which, for me, is the only way for ladies to cat-fight ( or box ) but with BFuk you're not going to get a watered down version of a topless fight you get it in your face for a real rules cat-fight.

Ex-champion Daisy makes a return to BFuk to fight Tazmin who can't make head nor tail of Daisy as you can see, ass over tit beaten.

It's a long time till we see Tazmin again, apparently she goes abroad but turns up many new moons later to fight Hannah at the outdoor team event looking extremely sexy for the white team, in boxing glove bonus. Oh my fluttering heart, what a darlin!

Looking ready and hot for Hannah, who kind of steals a march on Tazmin by fighting topless but Tazmin steals the fight as her experience is clearly too much for Hannah.

Her presence at BFuk was a high note but as always, this lovely high note's stay was all too short.

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