Monday, 14 December 2015

Underwear Fight Arena 5 plus stats.

Cuteness personified, Lacey is slim and toned , of  quiet disposition and a huge appetite for the cat-fight: a mini tigress. 

Four wins, a draw against Sahara recently after a long spell absent, losing three times in all to bigger women but what a fight she put up in losing.

In the early days, Dayz was the BFuk champion with four wins and her only loss was against the wily, tough boss, Simone. 

A lithe, gorgeous and stunning six foot tall lady who was possibly a great match up for the likes of the later champions Electra and Chelseab. Just thinking about it makes me shudder at these ladies meeting in a cat-fight.

Dawn, a lovely strapping lass with a gorgeous shape only had fights against the little hellcat Alison, then had the nerve to tackle Emma and gave a good account of herself. 

A win over Ali but a loss to the one and only Emma in a solid BFuk cat-fight. 

Big breasts, small breasts, it doesn't matter to me but many cat-fight fans are into BBW and I'm certainly not against it, but at 5'4" and a size 14 she is the trimmest BBW I could watch... forever.

She lost a boxing cat-fight rumble to Faith, they took the gloves off and had a cat-fight which she also lost.

She's wearing exhibitionist panties too, cute and desirable but she stayed away from cat-fights after Faith tried to blood her in with maybe, too much enthusiasm.

Big in the Game Jane's personality seemed happy-go-lucky, her attitude cocky, her movements in front of the camera slick, mirroring her personality and cockiness.

Won two, lost two, she did use the boxing gloves stylishly though in a loss to Chelseab her topless cat-fight to Chelseab and non-topless cat-fight to Jamie Lee.

I liked this lass, I reckon she took to cat-fighting to train and lose some weight so when she arrived at her big moment against Vivian, the carefree attitude had gone for this fight: she was deadly serious.

Sam said in her intro to her first ( and only ) fight at BFuk she was there, through a friend but she just had to be paired against hardcore Electra; I'm sure her friend got a bollocking, though it has to be said she lost with complete honour and stout resilience and she suffered for that.

The old forum wanted her to return but I reckon Electra crowded her dreams for a while after the fight and I can't blame her for not returning: her scalp had to have suffered extreme pain.

This young lady was called Kristal and she had a sexy tough fight against Chrystal Lou, it happened some considerable time ago but it was and remains special because I took to liking them both so I joined the fantasy part where they fought over me: Chrystal Lou got the honour but it was a pretty even fight initially. Yum! And..... it was topless!

The body, face and dark hair captivates, dark and delicious but her opponent Axa dominated in a sexy romp with perhaps me sensing a more sexual liaison between them than a cat-fight.

Yes: the BFuk cat-fight was almost there and Axa the dom played the straight girl dishing out the ( not too excessive ) punishment, when perhaps she might have expected a full-on fight , while Chelsea French played a sexy blinder handing Axa a watered down victory and I'm glad I downloaded this fight: disturbingly erotic somehow with credit to both girls for how it was played.

Chelsea French hasn't returned.

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