Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Twelth Boxing Gallery. Bare-knuckle 3

Jayney appears at the very beginnings of BFuk and shows her commitment to catfight Ruby outdoors. I didn't know this colourful lady at all but I can see that she's up for a fight and no doubt Ruby gave her more than she bargained for.

Natalie presents so much more than just a good fist, her face and figure a delight. Mostly the girls don't know how there opponent is going to fight so if her opponent is a tough cookie Natalie adjusts to suit and pity help them if they can't last the pace.


This lady can be more of a mauler, standing at 5"2" and a size 6 tiny, she's prepared to get into it no matter what but if allowed she manipulates, having developed a strategy working her opponents hair and slapping but it's her stamina that inevitably keeps her out of bother to promote her wins.

Sahara and Natalie above are the outstanding long serving cat-fighters at BFuk though Sahara is now the queen as Natalie no longer fights. They did have a face-off, Sahara's 5'2" against 5'9", 100lbs to around 145 lbs but Natalie couldn't pin a slippery Sahara It was a wonderful exhibition match and sexy to boot.

Going back in time when Sahara lost to Danny ( above ) and had also lost to Stella ( fight listed as Sahara versus Faith ) it seemed to me natural that Danny would fight Stella, which would have been an extraordinary battle to establish championship material but of course it didn't work out that way. 

In our small catfight world it's best not to extrapolate by thinking ahead: not that it doesn't happen, just not often.

The fight between Sahara and Kitkat was a total minimum weight encounter. Disappointed though I was that Lacey, who was present and fighting that day, was not to be Sahara's opponent. Though my thoughts about a Sahara and Kitkat fight had captured my imagination and the fact that Kitkat and Lacey were friends, I was intrigued. 

It was a cracker of a fight, going almost even in the first round but Sahara put her best foot down and beat Kitkat thoroughly. This fight merely sharpened my outlook for a Sahara v Lacey fight.

Portia got into the slapping fights with ease, after taking the honours in a breathtaking three round wallop against Mandy she even managed a draw with Queen Sahara leaving her palm prints all over that cute little bod and suffering similar in return. 

I have to admit, Portia made a pretty good fist of it while she was at BFuk.

A size 6 and 5'2" in the smaller fighting category it's a pity Kitkat didn't further her stay at BFuk though I suppose I can't blame her after taking on and losing to one of the best, in Sahara.

Exporting game and feisty female fighters from Poland in the shape of Sapphire will always be welcome. 

She and Carmen had a real go at boxing and catfighting while the sun shone through the trees. Semi-naked women fighting for international honours among the fields and forests are worth recording and they certainly gave their all for the prize.

We know it's not a MMA weigh-in but I get just as excited for a rules catfight weigh-in between Carmen and Natalie who show they are keen to fight. I do like the liplickin pomp and ceremony.

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