Thursday, 31 December 2015

Flat-out Sexy 3

Fighting like mad, gripping hair and showing off their gorgeous bods but the loose-fitting panties Hannah wears does provide an accidental bonus. Maybe a naughty Axa ( left ) was the cause.

Danni has lost her fight but she's still flat out sexy.

Melly is laid out, Faith ( left ) has whupped her ass. It's not Melly's ass that's on display but there's nothing flat about Melly, just bountiful curves and that includes her ass.

Faith models quietly for a change, a demure look and a delightful body encouraging thoughts outside her cat-fights.

Carmen about to flatten out Holly with a full on body press that makes it kind of very sexy.

Seline definitely deserves the crown for her flat out positions, so much to view and admire.

Twisting Hannah's head by the hair is a must for Axa though Hannah is still slapping but her best efforts were to look sexy and mostly Axa kept her flat out for that.

Two sweet ladies fight it out with Helen on top and Ali really unable to do anything but look flat out and sexy. Her topless bits came out later but this didn't intimidate Helen. 

Slight wobble to the  ' fight topless to win ' stats again.

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