Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Focus on the Ladies - Rockin Roxy - Her Story.


Some cat-fight fans love to hear the background reasons from the girls as to why they cat-fight. Friends, Roxy and Ali decided to enter the BFuk fight arena together and both made an instant hit.

Roxy outlined her story on the old BFuk forum. It happened during her early teens, I'm guessing 12 to 15, to fight girls and boys in which she suggested, were organized fighting events. Boxing was part of her story and who knows, perhaps fist fights.

She made it sound as if she had no choice and of course I was, imaginitively, sucked in. Whether it happened or not, I guess it would only matter to Roxy because I personally had never experienced such events in my area other than school or gang fights but what it did do was increase my appetite for any upcoming fights in which Roxy featured.

The boxing photos she provided were backing up Roxy's claims in my mind. Enthralling!

And feature she did, going in against - oh no - my favourite lady, Natalie: BFuk, how could you?

Naturally, I thought: Roxy, with all her fight experience as a youngster, was going to give Natalie a hiding. After all, isn't Roxy a bruiser and used to all-comer fights? So poor Natalie was already under the cosh as far as I was concerned.

Adrenaline boosted this to -

Natalie was up against a nasty, vicious bruiser! 

Though I was enjoying the ride immensely.

They dressed in freedom fighter ( I suppose ) jackets and caps toting toy guns as an aperitif to their clash. Bravely sexy. The meaning behind the war-like outfits possibly suiting tough Roxy more than her unfortunate victim, Natalie   ( though I did like the sexy battle panties ).

The intro clip to the video featured Roxy; surprise, surprise, she's not only, NOT a bruiser, she's a genuinely natural, with a generous, mobile mouth and a humourous twinkling in her eyes. My preconceptions of Roxy had almost disintegrated: it was just the fight now. Would she be unstoppable and destroy Natalie?

Her countenance in the photo is in dispute with the idea she's a nasty, vicious fighter though she could be shamming. Good tactic Roxy.

Tossing their guns aside they decide to fight it out in hand to hand combat and from the picture Roxy ( lft ) means business, no doubt about it, she is very aggressive, Natalie has her work cut out..

But it's not until they lose the jackets I get a clearer picture of what's going on, the bare skin now a target for hard slaps and the hardest are coming from Roxy, while Natalie keeps control of the fight, frequently on top. The slap marks showing on both girls: a bit unfair but Natalie'a opponents seem to want to attack her titties, with Roxy no exception.

Natalie finally lays my worries to rest when she teases the submission from a brave Roxy. Phew!

Was Roxy fit enough, well she did last and considering she had a generous tummy I thought she did put up a very good fight but Natalie's experience saw Roxie beaten. Had they boxed I'd  give the result to Roxy, she could wallop.

Her next fight was against a pretty lady called Star. 

I was now a Roxy fan given her short past with BFuk and having experienced one of the best of BFuk in Natalie perhaps her obvious aggression would melt any resistance from a knockout newbie, calling herself Star, who, from the pic above looks confident despite the disdainful look from Roxy who is checking out Star's body and where she's gonna slap her?

Actually they both look to have nice bods with a bit more curve on Roxy.

Star is definitely not going down without a fight but the heavy-handed slaps from Roxy are keeping her ahead in the fight and the sexy bedroom lingerie is being destroyed as they rumble.

Both seem determined to do the best they can but the telling slaps from Roxy are injuring Star though she still battles gamely to the end.

Pressure through slaps from Roxy finally gets the submission. Not afraid to get stuck in, Star gets my applause. Roxy had now found her feet as a winning BFuk cat-fighter, she had handed such a hard punishing defeat to Star who melted from view, never to resurface.

Her final fight is against the much taller Goldielocks, another rookie.

Roxy takes satisfaction in holding Goldielocks to the floor by her blonde hair but in another solid fight, despite Roxy's heavy hitting, goldielocks rises to the challenge and claims the submission from Roxy. She could not dent the determination of Goldielocks and lost her final fight at BFuk.

Roxy was A class, she was a formidable lass in the fight arena and her story which propped up her time at BFuk was compelling.

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