Sunday, 31 January 2016

Underwear Fight Arena 6 and Tittle Tattle

With solid curves and the desire to pit her womanhood against her rivals Crystallou ( or Nicola ) carried it off so well. She played an early part at BFuk, comfortable in or out of the negliee she threw herself into the cat-fight with a fair idea of ' how to ' leaving her mark on her opponents.

And Jodie was such an opponent, taller and with striking looks and swoon figure, she gave Crystallou a damn good fight and it got even better when the negligees came off. 

Fighting topless and almost bottomless, I think the sweat was beginning to show on both ( def on my brow )  before Crystal Lou got her way.

Sophia isn't just cute, she is all-over adorable. If I had one criticism of this gorgeous gal, she was always smiling during the tough pose ( not easy to find a pic of Sophie not smiling, however, I did ( above ) though she wasn't caught posing ) and IMO for a cat-fighter to show how tough she is, the grim visage in pics is essential.

But tbh Sophie would never have made champion and I'm sure she never in her wildest dreams harboured that goal but the fact that she made several appearances for BFuk allowed me to imagine my dream.

A glamour kitten is how I'd describe Sahara and at 5'2" with a hot athletic shape, a feline pretty face and a huge appetite to win a cat-fight, using her years of experience, makes her a cute li'l fighting gal ...with claws. 

Currently THE No 1at BFUK.

Gossipy insight to the huge fight between Ruby ( lying left of camera shot ) and Chelseab came later on the old forum from Ruby herself. She felt Chelseab had been delaying the fight restarts and was up to antics during the fight ( such as being sick in that pink bucket, presumably through nerves ) and Ruby felt that she was stalling the fight and getting away with it.

However, she didn't ask for a rematch so Chelseab stayed champion. Much as I adored Ruby I had hoped for that rematch - fascinating thought - much as one or two of Chelsea's cat-fight moves were seen to be slightly outside the rules.

I reckon Chelseab would look good dressed in a tattie sack but her underwear up against Ruby ( literally ) in black was all she wanted to wear. Ruby...even less.

Sexy undies, stockings and boots is a cute, sexy combination for Justice but she's prepared to show her foxy fighting side by raising her fists and at BFuk she showed she could handle herself.

 Cute Ali, not averse to stripping to topless in her fights, displays her underwear plus the black stockings bonus complete with suspenders. She'd have been a great rival for Sahara, Lacey and Kitkat, being near atom-weight, if she'd stayed around.

She'd have stung her opponents with good solid slapping action and you never know, that same slapping action, against the odds, might have got her a win.

I wish Titch had returned from her only cat-fight at BFuk, she and Danni put on a helluva newbie fight, one of the best newbie fights I've ever seen, though it's fair to say I haven't seen that many all newbie cat-fights. Let's say the fight struck the right chord, for me.

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