Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Photos of facial expressions tell me so much about the cat-fight when the girls are concentrating on a positive physical effort: that specific glare-flare, the set of the mouth or the clenched teeth or that the receiver is suffering from that force, so that you know it's real.

Because some of the bitchfighters wear their hair long you don't always see the effort or reaction. The pics, usually from the tougher fights, feature more in the facial segment and where the hair is tied back or cut short.

Such as Scorpio pumping up the pressure on Pussycat, she is so focused on... what?

This is where interpretation is difficult. Is she skin gripping? I wouldn't put it past Scorpio, as the fight went on she got more desperate.

The fans rarely heard of any skulduggery that went on
( like rugby matches in the scrum ), not obvious while watching.

Maybe innocent but Pussycat must have been pretty much impervious to pain, she took a lot of punishment from the heavier Scorpio before, amazingly, beating her.

A legitimate move from Sahara in the battle of the atom-weights, where her face is taking the strain betraying her intent on holding Kitkat by the hair and Kitkat doesn't look too comfortable either.

Ceecee, in the throes of tackling Jane after her loss to Electra but her thigh slap to Jane is backed up by her face. 

Of course I could be wrong about the thigh slap but I believe it, because I think I remember it from watching the fight in progress.

No doubt about the intention here, an overhead backslap from Sahara in their oilfight, a very sexy and bruising video, the much bigger Carmen keeping pace and staying the course with Sahara, who was humiliated in the end, having Carmen face-sit her. Sahara lost that one!

I can think of worse humiliation. Definitely qualifies as a facial.

The top fight for facial expressions was, without doubt, the trophy fight, Electra against Ceecee because the hair, short on Ceecee and tied up on Electra revealed the determination and pain this fight offered as they white-knuckled to grip short hair.

Determination may well change to desperation, in seconds, as Electra proved to Ceecee.

Totally on the defensive now, Ceecee has lost her aggression while the champion exerts the power of domination, the lovely faces show it all.

Natalie's face fully concentrating on getting Tait's hand off her wrist, gleefully anticipating the take-down, her forte of  hairpulling an advantage over the inexperienced Tait who has an abundance of target material

She is desperate to entwine her fingers, gathering only so much hair as to pull with maximum pain which is probably why Tait was provoked into slapping Natalie hard about the body to leave her own impression on the better cat-fighter.

The plentiful hair on Tait's head allowed Natalie to take her down to the submissive position: on her back, with Natalie fully mounted, the grimace replaced by the smiley face ( I also had a smiley face ).

Maybe just a touch of hyperbole from me when I write about Natalie, a fictional name anyway ( I think ) so, where's the harm.

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