Friday, 12 February 2016

Miscellaneous Asides 2 and Tittle Tattle.

Oops! A very brief stoppage between Candy ( left ) and Emma but I'm going to let you guess as to who got the smack in the face.

Natalie beat Tait but I would say Natalie was the injured party.

IMO Lacey is relieved to have ended her fight against Layla with a win. They went at it with desperation: Layla's personal best, I reckon.

Total speculation: I'm adding to the hype of a rivalry or even bitchy hostility between Lacey and Sahara in that Layla and Sahara had possibly built up a friendship after their battles.

So, my imagination allowed me to think Sahara had said to Layla ' Give her one for me.' Layla certainly did.

A woman's crowning glory is her hair; definitely so for Layla who is caught in the mirror adjusting the glossy beauty after Kellie messed it up.

Maybe a parting comment to a victorious Kellie walking away from a sensuous, sexy oil fight, which Carmen, it has to be said, enjoyed and didn't mind losing.

She does make a sexy exhibition of herself, accompanied by blissful expressions, throughout the fight.

I'm not going to speculate on this pic of Layla: maybe panties a shade tight?

IDK where BFuk held this fight, quite an awesome location.

Could it be a night club somewhere?

Another favourite, Kellie did some pole-dancing in her time which was remarked upon, on the old forum.

See how Axa uses the pole with ease wearing her fight expression, ( or could be ' come hither ' which would also apply to her opponent ) maybe because she was working herself up to fight Lacey.

And here is Lacey in a belter of an outfit, set to match her surroundings.

I wonder if Lacey had a go on the pole?

However, when the fight began I felt Axa was taking Lacey too casually.

After all, she might have thought she could easily handle the smaller atom weight , weighing just over 30 lbs lighter and 4 inches shorter than she.

Lacey surely made Axa re-think her strategy when she threw Axa to the floor. ( Apparently predicted by Lacey before the match started.) 

It was an absolute rough-house until Lacey was put at odds when Axa stripped topless in the third round ( night club feel again ) and used her weight and strength to take full advantage of the mini-weight gal.

Lacey is under the cosh today but she is so cute and though I don't have favourites, she is definitely one of mine!!

She had to retire in her outdoor fight against Milly ( who was a decent bit heavier and useful too ) after a wonderfully offensive start.

I guess she was so excited that her tummy got queasy which is maybe what she is pointing out to her team Captain, Chelsea  ( no stranger to being sick in a bucket during her fight, later that day against Ruby).

Strangely, her sister, Rusty ( almost blocked out by Lacey in the pic ) suffered a similar defeat at the hands of Milly's sister, the topless Lily but Rusty was going at it with gusto like her sister Lacey until she felt - not so good and gave in early but both these fights were splendid examples of a real rules cat-fights.

Lacey, after a long absence returned to satisfy her fans with the face-off against Sahara , would you believe, another favourite of mine. I'm only going to choose the girl whom BFUK declares the winner, finally, unless they keep fighting then I'll defer my decision. Keep going girls, please!

Sahara looks knackered in the pic after that fight which was declared a draw, though Sahara told us on FB Lacey won't return for a rematch. She may do just that.

Sahara had always wanted to fight Lacey and over their time at BFuk there appeared to be an undercurrent of hostility or more likely, rivalry between the two, off stage.

This was in part, generated by the fans because that's what the fans want and I bought into it quite happily.

There were also subtle snippets of information leaked into the daily grind of the old forum, not just by the fans, so ' where there's smoke there's fire ' was enough to consolidate my thoughts on their rivalry, however weak the foundation.

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