Friday, 12 February 2016

Facial 2

Teeth are used for biting and chewing but not really known as a weapon in a rules cat-fight. Has it happened at BFuk? Not that I know of, only the ladies can enlighten us on that score. 

However the fighters do often bare and clench their teeth through determined effort, a facial not always seen by her opponent but by the audience who may well see the resulting action accompanied by the facial.

Grrr! Is appropriate for Scorpio, she was so frustrated by Pussycat and by the end, if anybody was going to bite, it could have been Scorpio. She must have thought she had this fight in the bag but ended up bewildered and knackered.

Justice has been trash-talked and severely tested by Faith, the expression shows how Justice wanted to fight back and when she gets the advantage, she shows her cute gnashers.

Natalie does have lovely teeth but she prefers to agonize the face into a mass of concentration as if cutting her nails or sitting an exam. Tait never saw Nat's expressions on her way to losing.

Sometimes the teeth are seen clenched in riding the pain of a wicked hair-hold.

The angle of Ceecee's head indicates that while she is applying one force, Electra is applying a similar but hidden force. Whiteness all round.

I wouldn't be surprised if the ladies booked a dentist appointment as well as a hair appointment after a fight like Ceecee and Electra.

The flash of white teeth is wearing Ceecee down.

The stunning blonde Skye had a fight against topless Lexi at BFuk and from her lovely expression and the positive set of her teeth, I just knew she was a winner.

That was the last we saw of her.  She gave my topless stats a drubbing, using poor sweet Lexi.

Although her eyes are stretched by Electra her teeth display a determination to make the most of her position on top.

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