Monday, 22 February 2016

Miscellaneous Asides 3

Half-topless didn't get Melly the win against Faith who was subtly topless for this fight. Just bolstering my stats.

Carmen relaxes between rounds during her oil-fight with Kelly. Startlingly sexy for me.

Recovering her composure, Layla is a treat for the eyes.

Now! That is one frosty, mean look from Sahara but she was oiling herself soon after, to tackle and lose to Carmen.

Glug. If it's the blue drink or going topless that wins fights, my vote will always be for topless. And it was a win for Kelly.

Can't leave Carmen alone but I think she was so revved up after her win against Sahara, it shows.

Perhaps Sahara couldn't believe she'd lost to Carmen or maybe the pic was her reaction to the face-sit gently bestowed on her fizzog by a jubilant Carmen.

Well built and sexy with the hat or without, Vivian was a big plus for BFuk. So good to look at she could have flaunted her sexy stuff a lot more.

Cute Kitkat, deep in thought, had tied up her hair tight to fight her opponent.

Still cute, but beaten and kind of mauled by her opponent, shame about the hair. She should have asked for a rematch and......revenge.
( My thought entirely. )

Yes: her opponent was Sahara who shows how she feels after her win against Kitkat - totally triumphant.

I heard that Lacey, her arch-enemy was at this fight, so, if that was the case, all she could do was commiserate with her friend Kitkat while saddling herself with an even bigger grudge.

Queen Sahara sits safely on her throne.

You flaunt it Sahara, looking overall good, fights and figure 10/10.

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