Saturday, 27 February 2016

HAIR POOL and a little tittle tattle.

Hair pulling, gripping and twisting ( ragging the hair, violently shaking the head by the hair was an early aspect of the hair fight which I was glad to see phased out ) were facets of the girls at war within the rules at BFuk. 

And how could you visualise a catfight minus this dynamic. 

Truth be told, some ladies just can't stand hair attacks and I'd hate to lose a cat-fighter simply for that reason. In fact tying up or braiding is sometimes a statement of non-compliance from the fighter IMO; the other side of the coin, some girls would very rarely appear without their hair loose - dare I type it- relishing the prospect of a hair fight.

The smaller Holly has the bigger Seline disadvantaged by pure hair control.

 Over time and fights ( if they stayed around long enough ) the ladies found their own levels of how to apply this tactic, not just to cause pain, but tactically to make further gains. The progression is quite obvious from the regulars, Natalie and Sahara both outstanding, to name but two.

The learning curve in cat-fights? 

Natalie's maxim nails it, ' It's not the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog. '


Experienced Emma ( right ) is seen, not going for a big hank of hair on Dawn's head, just enough hair to pain the scalp more, which the inexperienced Dawn reflects facially.

Thick hanks of hair holding, easier to turn the head were seen in the early fights when Daisy and teenager Natalie ( right ) are finding their way in the cat-fight world.

Looks like the opening of this fight where each girl goes instinctively for the hair and Lacey ( right ) is usually a fraction quicker though Charlie can't be far behind.

Faith was blatant in sacrificing her long, lovely hair and quite happy to allow Justice to get in there, but this fight wasn't just about hair, Justice was goaded into a tough, sizzling fight: not that she wasn't up for it.

Very rarely did the girls, even under great pressure, fail to hang on to her opponent's hair, ever mindful of the smallest chance of turning the tables. Ruby against Tazmin.

Tazmin ( right ) quite experienced by now, is gripping just enough of Ruby's mane to really hurt.

Gripping the hair kept the girls close enough to allow one hand to be freed quickly for the slap. Again, Ruby v Tazmin.

This superb pic capture could fool you into thinking it was staged. But the tatted Domino was very nimble and Natalie was caught out awkwardly, quite often and she lost this fight. 

That sucks eh! 

Natalie later claimed it was because she'd banged her head on the floor during the fight and I believe her simply because she was the best and should have won. Of course I'm biased.

Sexy, underclad females basting themselves in baby-oil rolling around, flesh to flesh, does appeal but when Carmen and Sahara did it the added spice was hair gripping and pulling. 

Not easy, balanced precariously in the inflatable with a now crazy slippery feel to the feet and the slaps exchanged while doing so, I had to think, a lass is going to lose her footing and all will tumble, so heavily.

The masterclass from Lacey and Sahara was always going to be a hair fight. Nervous smiles on their faces as they faced up, and how did they turn out: both had their hair streaming loose - these two are defined by the art of the hair attack.

Long awaited and am I sated?

I don't think the cat-fight lover is ever satisfied and wants more, more, more. At least these two finished what we all started and Bitchfight UK has to be congratulated on somehow achieving, almost the impossible, getting Lacey to return after nearly 4 years for unfinished business with Sahara. 

The girls must have wanted it......badly. ( My thought again. ) 

Did I say finished - there is the matter of a rematch....fingers Xed.

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