Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Notable Fights 2


Overall smaller than the more experienced Faith, Justice had comfortably settled in at BFuk having had cat-fights against Sahara and Drucilla, including a boxing match against the same Drucilla.

Justice had proved she could use her fists in that boxing match, but was perhaps a tad early in her cat-fight experience to tackle Faith;  a shade bigger and heavier, as was her experience.

Two boxing bashes already in her repertoire qualified Faith to present her fists and she  was in her comfort zone at BFuk, ruling the roost at the time, with Natalie absent but hovering in the shadows, posting on the old forum she wanted the fight against Faith. 

I wasn't taking her seriously. ( When it comes to cat-fights my patience is non-existent.)

The word ' bitch ' is on Natalie's lips ( above ), funnily enough Faith was using that very same word.... about Natalie.!

( Natalie wouldn't commit herself to fight Faith at the time and I was a bit frustrated, to say the least, because I knew Faith was up for it but Natalie, as far as I was concerned, was delaying the inevitable: according to me. )  

But I digress - I had become a staunch admirer of Justice; when the fight was announced, tbh she was the innocent between her and Faith but I knew she had steely reserves, her marathon tough draw against the fantastic Sahara was a very respectable bench-mark. 

Her dismissal of the much bigger ( cuddly ) Drucilla at cat-fighting and boxing, singled her out for, hopefully, even better things to come, so I couldn't dismiss her chances against Faith entirely. 

Faith had already trounced Drucilla and that kept her, the odds on favourite with the bookies. How much fight did Justice have in her. Could she take Faith? And did Faith have a breaking point in the face of dour stubborness?

Interesting cat-fight....but I was in Faith's corner, much as I admired Justice.

Perhaps Justice, seeing herself beating Faith as a stepping stone to stardom and Faith looking to continue her reign, so the prospect of a good fight was raising the adrenaline, the more I thought.  

Faith, I can imagine, provocatively released her hair as they faced each other up, loose and long, cascading confidently past her shoulders, down her back which must have been inviting to Justice as they began the fight.

Faith seems contemptuous as Justice gets stuck in. Plenty of thick hair for Faith to grip as she begins to search for Justice's pain threshold.

Using taunts, gets a definite flare-up from Justice who also wants to check out Faith's pain threshold. In the stand-up Justice resumes her cool and gives out, perhaps more than she receives.


I remind myself: Justice fought Sahara in stand-up mode for ages and looked inexhaustable.


Spunky Justice shows determination and aggression when needed, taking full advantage of Faith's abundant hair. Has Faith underestimated Justice?

Not when her strength and hair work, gets Justice to the floor when there follows a fortunate round break.

Justice proved she can punch when she boxed Drucilla. She can also slap hard, keeping Faith on the defensive at times. Both are showing plenty slap injury.

Faith's strength gets Justice to the floor again where she struggles from below. Queen of the floor, Faith exposes and exploits Justice's lack of experience.

Fortunately, the end of the round puts the fight back on it's feet and Justice revisits Faiths taunts, her anger showing in her attacks, her slaps sinking hard into Faith's flesh.

And we're back to the hair pull, thrust and slap of the stand-up, which is much more exciting to me and is where I get a true measure of the fighters appearance and resolve and not merely based on strength.

Both clearly showing the signs of skin laceration: Justice, in the stand-up is more than a match for Faith.

Justice had learned from her fight against Sahara, the manipulation of the hair getting her good results though Faith counters with her strength advantage.

The final round and the stand-up continues. Faith now needs to take Justice to the floor.

That moment eventually comes and Faith is astride her, there is no way back for Justice.

Although Justice fights from below, Faith maintains her straddle and rubs in her superiority, with words, and flirts with the face-sit. Justice has been well and truly....sorted.

The difference was just the ground fighting where Faith imposed and impressed otherwise it would have been a draw.

Two fights within one then, the stand-up where I go for an overall draw and the floor fight, undoubtedly to Faith. The end of the fight is gorgeously intimate, an outstanding pic in context, I reckon.

Justice is one resolute and stubborn fighter, I enjoyed watching her battles: sadly, for me, this was to be her last appearance at BFuk.

Victorious, nasty and wicked with it. 

Naw! Sweet Faith would hate me for demonizing her but in the absence of  'wicked and nasty,' which many fans love to have in their fight programme, somewhere, Faith comes closest, because she used taunts, jibes and insults ( perhaps even out of our hearing ) during some of her fights, when many just couldn't or wouldn't. 

Upping the ante with flavoursome, unscripted language in a real rules cat-fight, can incite anger and retribution.

Justice ( as did Lacey when they fought ) took exception and the angry reaction must have satisfied Faith, who obviously had to accept the consequences of her taunts, so it takes guts for a girl to do so in a real brawl, where the outcome is unpredictable and I'm convinced many fans, including myself, enjoy the tactic.

Now we're talking. It should've happened but it didn't.

Justice is looking Faith straight in the eye ( I'm imagining Faith was avoiding eye contact, her eyelids conveniently closed ) as if to say ' this is my comfort zone. ' 

I wouldn't argue. Having seen both in boxing matches, maybe I'm being kind but I do think Justice would have the edge because she was happier fighting on her feet.

Their fight must have inspired BFuk because they suggested I do a pic-story on the old forum and I obliged, because I was well inspired by these two wonderful gals and their splendid cat-fight.

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