Monday, 7 March 2016


I've seen many Bfuk girls hold the head firmly to the floor, on firmer floors, by using the hair which allows easier release of healthy slaps to the thighs, shoulders and chest. Although on her back Natalie is resisting by harrying Emma who may be looking for this move.

And this is the move, demonstrated by Natalie on Domino. OW! yeah, very effective.

Echo is burrowing her nails into Jamielee's leg but still hangs on to Jamielee's hair. I'd say Jamielee's two handed attack on Echo's hair is winning. No: she hasn't ripped out chunks of hair from Echo, it just happens to be her hair style.......I think.

 Stylish picture of Emma taking Candy to the mattress by the hair.

A magnificent throw from Faith but do notice, even a vicious throw won't dislodge Natalie's hand from Faith's hair.

The Pocket Rocket doesn't need much of Kelly's lovely hair to turn her head.

A pony-tail can cause contortions to the body in a cat-fight, especially if Ruby is on the end of it. 

Chelsea uses the hair to get Pinky off balance for the mount. Other girls might let go thinking that might hurt too much. Not Chelsea!

Pinky's nightmare continues as Chelsea applies the pressure.

As Tazmin cheers Ruby on, Chelsea applies the hardcore head twist by the hair but the gruelling fight went for three rounds of bitter struggle for supremacy. Ruby didn't complain but a head turn too far happened when Natalie's shout stopped Axa doing similar to her in their fight. Tuff stuff!

Close quarters hair tugging in stand-up was greatly demonstrated in Faith versus Natalie. They battled, tugging one way and another to render each other open for a hard slap or the take-down and believe you me, these slaps kept coming, viciously though the take-downs were later in the fight.

A perfect tug for Natalie to sink that slap, and she did it successfully.

Not unusual to see them in this position, they'll take the hair anywhere to find an advantage. Natalie was taller than Faith and she was more successful in the upright skirmish.

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