Monday, 28 March 2016


The prime position in a cat-fight can be the final coup de gras, I'd hope the  position would be reversed several times during the fight before the end to make it a solid cat-fight. 

Otherwise, it's a beat-down or a one-sided affair, ( depending on the build up and who is participating ) so, not so good for me.

Jamielee captures the winning moment against a flagging Ria after what seemed a certain win for Ria in a back and forward fight. 

The encouragement obvious from their respective supporters may well have stimulated the extra effort from Jamielee. A very tense affair al fresco.

One-sided, mostly, but Faith over-awed Carmen completely, without mercy and without doubt. Again, Faith left her hair down for Carmen to attack which she did with one-dimensional persistence. Faith explored other avenues of attack, which led to the final victory straddle. 

The humiliating, near face-sit, was proof that Faith had little respect for Carmen's fighting ability. Carmen was fuming and made that plain, even after the defeat.

The end of the road for sweet Ceecee, a brave and magnificent challenge to the evolving powerhouse, Electra, who finally has Ceecee comfortably between her thighs, knowing that Ceecee's final flurries are token, her challenge squashed. 

Electra was so relieved to win the trophy, she looked tearful.

I do believe Electra had a few rungs yet to climb to reach her fighting limits but the opponents to take her to these giddy heights were just not there. She tried to entice Natalie into the arena on the old forum: no deal there.

Natalie knows Emma is finished, she knows she is finally going to take her seat ( neat seat too ) on the throne of victory: she has out-powered the threat of Emma. A significant and hard fought victory over a lovely, battling rival. 

A beatdown from a newbie in a trophy match is always a possibility though Heidi, having watched Becca fight Kelly already that day, put an already tired Becca away so hard and positively that I'm thinking, either Heidi's interpretation of the simple rules were a notch ( or two or three ) above Becca's or she wanted the trophy more than Becca did. Either way, Heidi never returned and remains undefeated.

A lingerie affair. Carmen tastes victory in the prime position over Melicious who looks as if she's trying to get ( or resist ) a taste of Carmen

You know when Faith has the prime position; look at her victory face, she starts the vocals to humiliate the loser; in this case, Justice who is forced to mumble her submission against Faith's crotch after putting up a bitter fight. The honours even in the stand-up hair pull and slap but the take-down and ground fight belonged to Faith.

The end for Layla; Danni has the final mount, they have slapped each other for three rounds and both have finally gone to the floor. 

Danni was fearless against Layla and takes a well-deserved victory. Two beautiful girls in a cat-fight to reach the prime position.

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