Thursday, 24 March 2016

Facial 3

The smaller ladies are in the ring first and Chelsea is calling out supervisory instruction to her team-mate, Rusty.

Eyes closed, as some would, and determined, Rusty goes for Lily's hair, whilst Lily is looking for the two-handed hair attack, perhaps seeing, in tune with her advanced thoughts, of an early take-down.

Axa gets in first. Natalie's agonised but resisting face can only be the result of a pretty severe right hand hair-pull by Axa. Love the wide, braced stances.

Cheeky Cassie - yes, just look at her face, an expression that is a total taunt from a passive position that took a different look when she fought Emma. 

The dominant smile from Electra who knows sexy cheeky doesn't really work in a fight. A sexy photo, for sure.

Chelsea French is spitting fury at Axa but the back-up wasn't there because Axa exposed her, all done in sexy fashion.

 The leverage is with Jane and the pain is in Ceecees teeth. Surely!

Carmen knows her hold might be painful so keeping Donna's ears covered with her hands to block the sound of Donna's own scream is typical of Carmen. She was so kind to topless Donna.... she went on to lose the fight!

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