Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Notable Newbie Fights 2


I don't know if BFuk found these two young ladies on a model's list or if they were recruited off the street but when BFuk told them they were there to cat-fight each other, according to BFuk rules, surely they had a giggle over that but they carried off the stare-down well.

Amazing: isn't it? Like some of you, I often ponder and wonder why, besides the money?

They sure laid any giggling to rest when they faced each other, Seline, magnificently topless and Ria in bra and panties. 

They definitely took on the brief but the quicker Ria, aggressively dominated at the outset. Grief! You'd think it was personal as Seline rode the storm. Some cat-fight loving fans might think there was something personal.                     

Nothing in the fight rules spared, hair attacks and slapping enthusiastically chased. 

Two pretty girls at war with each other and like other, all newbie fights, quite spectacular to watch but becoming predictable. The nudity is a large part of the action attraction.

The aggressive Ria harassed Seline persistently. She was desperately struggling and failing to gain leverage over over the aggressive Ria.

Seline had seemingly accepted that she had to fight from below Ria but towards the end of the fight, was there a dip showing in Ria's aggressive energy? Perhaps she was tiring and could Seline capitalize on that.

Would you believe it: payback for Seline.  The shoe is on the other foot now as the fight nears the final shout.

The fight was clearly Ria's all the way and she has that bemused look on her face at the conclusion, while an exhausted Seline lies back all hot and bothered, ( like me ) probably just as puzzled, having rescued herself from the brink of defeat.

It perhaps pays to wait for the moment; somewhat reminiscent of Natalie in her fight strategy: willing to take punishment until that moment comes but I'm not suggesting Seline knew it would, or even thought it could develop as it did.

Seline did go on to fight and lose to the more experienced Holly. 

I absolutely envisioned Ria versus Justice in a tough, slugging battle but Ria had other plans and was lost.

Score: Ria won two rounds and was just edged out in the last round because.......she submitted.

Topless, against the odds, is on a winning streak again.

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