Thursday, 31 March 2016


Faith ( left ) and Natalie are marking each other with stinging slaps as they tug hair for that chance to let loose; the stand-up before the take-down is remarkable leading to the floor struggle that makes this my favourite fight.

Fighting on their feet Danni ( right ) managed to cope better with the hair tugs to slap Layla into submission.

Sahara demonstrates her skill at thwarting Mandy's moves, a sharp lesson from Sahara in the stand-up fight which benefited Mandy in her fight against Portia, a bruising encounter when Mandy was the loser all round but what a gutsy fighter.

Sahara has Portia momentarily, completely in her hands leaning into the hair grasp. Both had beaten Mandy to qualify for this final, the bigger Portia stayed in the fight to the very end, nearly unseating our wee champion but a draw was enough for Sahara to stay on her throne. The fights were astounding though Sahara, undoubtedly, remains the queen.

The chance to exploit the hair advantage falls to Natalie and Samara can't do much more than...... go with it.

Nearly naked and so bruised but Samara is in the driving seat, in a better hair-hold position to get Natalie on her back for a mount where she can slap-bruise some more.  

A defiant and clever Kitkat is no match for a determined Sahara who holds her head down by the hair. Kitkat, though she had her moments was flummoxed by Sahara's aggression and stamina over the three rounds. I did hope for a rematch or for the return of Kitkat.


Their oiled-up bodies are too slippery to grip and the footing unsure in the struggle but thank goodness for the hair, they can still get a tight enough grip and Carmen looks to be in a commanding position over Sahara.....but not for long.

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