Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Catfight Warm-up. Sahara v Lacey TWO

Maybe it's not over?

BFUK has stated Lacey wants a rematch with Sahara and apparently Sahara has accepted the challenge.

How did this surface? A post on FB with a superb picture of Lacey and a fighting caption superimposed.

I also see Sahara at the other end of the bridge with the same caption.

Whoa! Whoa! Ease back on the accelerator, promises have been made before which haven't materialized for one reason or another but I'm stuck in the positivity of hope when it comes to two quality, extremely cute, feisty individuals from the past who want to finish what everybody, including them, have started: in fact if they continue to do so when they're into their forties, I hope I'm still around to buy the download and view their pics.

After four years, Lacey gallantly returned to fight Sahara to a draw, which is inconclusive, to say the least, having been told  'that's all folks,' leaving Sahara, a deserving, long-time-serving winner and still champion.

The faces tell a different story - 

Sahara, happy with a draw.

Lacey, disappointed she couldn't win.

The big question is: does Lacey want to make a come-back or does she just want to say - there, I beat your queen: nah...nah... nah.. nah....nah.

Personally, I hope for the former, lose or win. 

Veering to their personalities as far as the modelling portfolio, Sahara has shown outwardly how attractive and sexy she is, as a model.

Never having connected Lacey with anything other than the fight side of her portfolio, BFUK presents this pic of her actually with subtly, less clothing than Sahara......

Isn't that soooo hothot and trying to marry the models to the cat-fight is decidedly easier. 

It's easy to imagine Sahara standing up and facing Lacey who drops the covering as she stands, for a stare-down in high-heels.

Their itching to fight each other while we, the fans ( if I may speak for some ) hug the edges of the fight with everything else they have to offer, which is considerable, ie slagging off, stare-downs, sexy pics, training pics - I could go on forever, the build up, for me essential. Pure hype, I love it, even if the micro-managing goes on in my own head.

There can be only one winner in the fight but both will walk away with, I'm sure, a fairly equal number of following fans as to the match-up of their beauty.

So I'm looking forward to the next months when BFUK are hoping to bring this cat-fight to the fans to prove once and for all who the minimum-weight winner will be.

Prediction! Sahara will soak up punishment from Lacey, like their first fight, it's from that point that Lacey must find the stamina to stop Sahara from smothering her but I think it's a points verdict, neither will submit to the other. If it goes extra rounds, I'm going for Sahara. 

Sahara has an improved arsenal of slapping but she didn't use much of that against Lacey in their last fight, it was hair-pulling mostly and so important to both. She knows Lacey has a wicked slap so that might affect her thoughts and make her wary at the return slaps from her. The hair fight is their thing but upping the slapping might take the fight to another level.

What a prospect, I hope it happens.

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