Sunday, 17 April 2016

Boxing Gallery - Solo - Sahara


Butter wouldn't melt in that innocent mouth, the body and legs, very slim, the belly decidedly well looked after, overall, a beautifully orchestrated petite package of a woman, up and down 5'2".

Slender and nicely proportioned with soft curves, her hair mostly left long and thick, sometimes tints or dyed but normally inviting to an opponent to grasp and pull.

Make-up hints at maturity, the professional serious face matching the boxing glove pose in a startling two piece that accentuates her figure.

Suddenly, startlingly, topless, the face verging on the cheeky informal, just another facet behind the boxing gloves, already a winner and not a cat-fight in sight.

Fitness personified, the athletic showdown with bravado that fits her fighting personality.

She is so confident, fighting beyond her weight, the slippery slope of defeat more likely a possibility, making her fights all the more exciting.


' Good things come in small packages ' is true for this remarkable young woman, now into boxing training alongside cat-fighting and wrestling.

This gorgeous pose to finish is a look to her opponent ' I'm gonna knock you out. Bitch!'

Speaking of cheeky!

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